This has to be a record, right?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the latest be fired from the Trump White House, but he’s certainly not alone.

Resignations, ousting, firings have been happening left and right since the first month of the presidency. Numerous communications directors, an FBI director, two chiefs of staff, a director of ethics and more mark a growing list of men and women who have come to regret their (short) time in the White House.

So, in case you can’t keep track of who’s in and who’s out (oh god, did I just quote stereotypical reality tv jargon?!), here’s a list of the most notable oustings.

Sally Yates, Former Acting Attorney General, Fired 1/30/17
Mike Flynn, Former National Security Adviser, Resigned 2/13/17
Katie Walsh, Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Ousted 3/30/17
James Comey, Former FBI Director, Fired 5/9/17
Josh Thompson, Former Director of the Census Bureau, Resigned 5/9/17
Mike Dubke, Former Communications Director, Resigned 5/30/17
Walter Shaub, Former Director of Ethics, Resigned 7/6/17
Sean Spicer, Former Press Secretary, Resigned 7/21/17
Reince Pribus, Former Chief of Staff, Fired 7/28/17
Anthony Scaramucci, Former Communications Director, Fired 7/31/17
Steve Bannon, Former Chief Strategist, Ousted on 8/18/17
Sebastian Gorka, Former Adviser, Ousted 8/25/17
Tom Price, Former Secretary of Health & Human Services, Resigned 9/29/17
Omarosa Manigault, Former Assistant to the President, Resigned 12/13/17
Rob Porter, Staff Secretary, Resigned 2/7/18
Josh Raffel, Former Deputy Communications Director, Announced Resignation 2/27/18
Hope Hicks, Former Communications Director, Resigned 2/28/18
Gary Cohn, Director of Economic Council, Resigned 3/6/18
Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, Ousted  3/13/18

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