'RHOA' Porsha Williams Returns to Protesting After Being Tear-Gassed

Despite being tear-gassed, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams will not allow the police’s violent tactics stop her from protesting George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths.

In case you missed it, Porsha was live-streaming from a protest in Atlanta last week when police viciously tear-gassed the group to try to get them to disperse.

In the Instagram video, loud popping sounds can be heard as she quickly runs away. She eventually stops to clear out her eyes with some water to stop the burning.

Porsha described the experience, telling People,

“It was devastating to feel like I was out there trying to stand with my people, stand with our allies, and help them raise a message of hope and to be silenced and not able to breathe because of the gas bomb that was thrown.”

porsha williams protest george floyd

But that didn’t stop her from returning to another protest this past weekend, where she gave an inspiring speech to the crowd. She told her fellow protesters,

“I ain’t gonna lie to you, I’m tired. My spirit is tired. My mind is tired. My body is tired. But we’re not gonna stop. This ain’t ending anytime soon. You know they counting down the days since we first came out here but we’re still out here stronger than ever.”

She later added,

“The system was put together to break us down. The system was put there to segregate us. But as you can look around right now, it has not segregated us, not one bit. We are all here together, Lord Jesus, with one mind, one focus, and one goal. And that’s justice and to uplift the voices and to let them know that black lives matter.”

She ended her speech by telling protesters to go out there, do their homework, and become a responsible voter.

Porscha will continue to discuss systematic racism and what you can do to help in a special two-night Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen and activist W. Kamau Bell on June 8th and June 9th.


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