'RHOBH': Crystal Kung Minkoff on Standing Up to Erika Girardi and Supporting Victims

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If anyone has a moral compass on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s Crystal Kung Minkoff.

Crystal more than proved that over these past few weeks when she called out fellow RHOBH cast member Erika Girardi for her self-centered attitude and lack of empathy.

While on a girls trip to Aspen, Crystal confronted Erika on why she hasn’t shown any sympathy for her husband’s victims.

Erika retorted by proclaiming,

“You wanna be on the side of the victims, ’cause you think that’s cool. What I’m telling you is, I don’t give a f**k about anybody else but me.”

Erika continued to rant about how she doesn’t care about the victims, only herself.

In an interview with ET, Crystal reflected,

“I mean the line is, I’d say, it’s kind of absurd.”

She added,

“I can speak to my sentiment about it — and I’ve said this before when someone asks me — if that means it’s cool, then I’m cool because I care about the victims as I think anyone with any type of heart would.”

And even though some of the other cast members (ahem, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards) are too afraid to confront Erika, Crystal says that standing up for victims is the easy part.

In a separate interview with Page Six, she said,

“Here’s the thing. It’s hard for me to lean into something or go after someone if I’m not quite sure. But in this situation, defending victims is very easy.”

And even though Erika wants to let things play out in court, for Crystal, it’s all about the human element.

“For me, it’s really about the heart and compassion where things are coming as opposed to what the legal stuff is.”

The most recent argument between Crystal and Erika began when news broke that Erika had a pair of $750K earrings that were paid for by her husband Tom Girardi’s law firm.

Crystal explained on the RHOBH: After Show,

“It was reported that the earrings were bought by, there was [sic] receipts, that it was charged to the law firm.”

She continued,

“I have never been bought anything from a business account, let alone a $750,000 pair of diamond earrings. So when I heard that, to me, taking away all the underlying legality, all the stuff that surrounds it, to me, it seemed like a very simple, like these little two things can help resolve for a handful of people. Like, [they are] such an easy thing to give up.”

Of course, Crystal knows that Erika can’t just hand over the earrings as easily as that, but she still doesn’t understand why Erika would even want to keep them.

“I would not want that on my body, in my hands, in my home. I would not want that, knowing that.”

For Erika’s part, she seemed to think the idea of giving up the earrings was ridiculous. She even went so far as to wear the diamond earrings the following episode and bragged that they were now worth $1.3M.

(Since then, a judge has ruled that Erika has to hand over the earrings since they’re legally “stolen property.”)

If anything has been made clear, it’s that Erika is still just as self-centered as ever. She told Us Weekly,

“There is this outpouring of, ‘Why don’t you act this way, Erika? Why aren’t you compassionate? Why don’t you have empathy?’ And the truth is, I do. I’m also under a lot of legal pressure. I’ve walked right up to the line. I’m fighting with one hand tied behind my back.”

She continued,

“It’s like, ‘What about listening to the woman that’s in front of you? What about listening to what I have to say?'”

This situation is far from over as Erika’s legal battles continue to play out in court. And, of course, Erika will have to face a judge and jury of her own at the upcoming RHOBH reunion.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 pm EST.


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