'RHOBH': Crystal Kung Minkoff Shares Horrifyingly Racist DM She Received From Fan

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TW: This article may be particularly triggering for those who have experienced racism

It’s only Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s freshman season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but she’s already received enough hate for a lifetime.

On top of the unwarranted attacks that she’s received for using the word “violate” in an argument with co-star Sutton Stracke, she’s also received overtly racist messages directly.

On Thursday, Crystal shared such a message and it was absolutely horrifying.

*Warning: the following may be upsetting*

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The message, sent by an IG user called Dashie Pants, said,

“I’m sure you get these kinds of messages all the time… and granted, I don’t know you personally (nor do I ever want to in any lifetime based on how you represent yourself on national television), but you’re the epitome of a moronic ch*nk c*nt. PLEASE do the world a favor and kill yourself, you stupid worthless nasty ass Asian snatch napkin. I feel sorry for your children… they have to wake up every day knowing that their mother is a spineless, worthless piece of Asian shit.”

Yes, someone actually wrote this racist garbage.

Crystal responded to the message in her photo caption and showed remarkable restraint. She wrote,

“What I can tell you ‘Dashie Pants’, is that my children are doing just fine. In fact, they are learning to speak out and stand up against racism. And they will certainly become allies for all races because God knows we need them more than ever based on your Facebook message.”

She later updated the caption to include a message to her fans and wrote,

“I want to say thank you to everyone who has DM’d me. It’s been hundreds. And I read them all. Your support lifts me up and reminds me to keep the conversation going. We will not be silenced.”

rhobh crystal husband kids
Crystal with her husband Rob Minkoff and their two kids Max (8) and Zoe (5)

Crystal’s remarkable strength and resilience is clear — anyone who can deal with such terrible hatred and keep a good head on her shoulders is certainly someone we should all look up to.

Crystal has certainly been a breath of fresh air this season. From the moment she entered the show, she was unabashedly herself and unafraid to stand up for what she believes in.

She immediately called out Sutton Stracke for her racism and refused to back down when Sutton cried her fragile white tears. And this was despite her co-stars pressuring her to do so.

And to everyone out there reading this and calling Crystal a “mean girl” for the way she’s dealt with Sutton, know this: Crystal isn’t mean. She’s tough and she’s strong. There’s a difference. And it’s time you recognize that.


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