'RHOBH': The Deliberate Destruction of Garcelle Beauvais

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It’s officially that time: the point in the season of Real Housewives when the claws are out and there’s no holding back.

And while Erika Girardi has certainly been a target this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to her legal woes and half-truths, there’s another target on the horizon: Garcelle Beauvais.

If you ever questioned why Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Dorit Kemsley have been dubbed the “mean girls of RHOBH,” the last few episodes should clear things up. Their fangs are out and Garcelle is in their sights.

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Dorit seems particularly intent on gaslighting Garcelle. When Garcelle tells Dorit she has problems with her, Dorit insists she’s “taking jabs.” And when Garcelle doesn’t say anything, Dorit demands that she should say things to her face. There’s literally no winning.

Garcelle has literally told Dorit multiple times to her face that she talks too much (as has most of the other cast members). And yet Dorit doesn’t hear it. How many times does she have to say it at this point?

And when Garcelle tries to tell the group that she feels like an outsider, Dorit and Kyle attack her and get defensive. They have no respect for her and take no accountability for how they may be contributing to her feelings of isolation.

Meanwhile, Lisa is over in the corner watching and saying nothing. When Garcelle says that nobody has her back, Lisa rolls her eyes and says that Garcelle is a big girl who can take on Dorit by herself. She calls Garcelle “shady and jabby” for simply expressing her feelings.

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With the exception of Sutton Stracke, and sometimes Crystal Kung Minkoff, none of the other girls give a damn about Garcelle or her feelings. And even worse, they are determined to make her out to be the villain. God forbid they admit that they’ve done anything wrong.

Crystal recently told Kyle that she believes that Garcelle has trust issues and struggles to open up. But Kyle, Lisa, and Dorit have given her no reason to trust them.

Rumor has it that Lisa and Garcelle go head-to-head at the RHOBH reunion. Lisa has been a piss poor friend to Garcelle and Garcelle will mostly call her out for it. Lisa will, of course, somehow figure out a way to place the blame on Garcelle. But the truth is that Lisa decided she was done with Garcelle a long time ago.

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It’s clear to anyone with a brain that Kyle, Lisa, and Dorit treat Garcelle differently. They may offer her an invitation to their events but they’ve never truly welcomed her with open arms.

Garcelle has had to put up with a lot of bullshit. Last season, she watched as her friend Denise Richards was attacked by the women again and again. And now she seems to be their new scapegoat.

Garcelle has done nothing to warrant this treatment. And if she decided not to return next season, nobody could blame her.

But for what it’s worth, I sincerely hope Garcelle does return. She calls the other women out on their BS and tries to hold them accountable. She’s not there to merely create drama but to keep it real. And it’s damn well time she gets treated with a little respect.


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