'RHOC': We All Need to Lay Off Emily Simpson And Her Marriage With Shane

rhoc emily simpson shane
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- Episode 1402 -- Pictured: (l-r) Emily Simpson, Tamra Judge -- (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

Ever since joining the Real Housewives of Orange County in season 13, Emily Simpson has been in the news constantly.

Or rather, Emily and her marriage to Shane have been in the news constantly.

Shane has made many unsavory appearances on the show, especially in season 14. He’s often shown belittling Emily, mocking her, and ignoring her. Quite frankly, he comes off as a jerk.

Of course, fans have attacked Shane and rumors of their divorce are constantly swirling.

Unfortunately, most of these comments aren’t coming out of love and concern for Emily, but rather out of the pure love for gossip.

rhoc emily simpson shane

Emily has been extremely open about the struggles she’s faced in her marriage. In a confessional on the show, she said,

“It’s hard because for 10 years, I’ve always had a problem with the way he talks to. That’s what I’m dealing with every single day, and I have little kids! This is really hard.”

But according to Emily, Shane has made a huge effort to change his ways since the show aired. Emily told People TV,

“When you have the opportunity to watch yourself, sometimes the self-awareness that you get is just an entirely different perspective.”

She added,

“[Shane] really saw and heard everything everybody was saying and really took it to heart. He watched with the intent from learning from it, and he learned a lot.”

Emily has also shared images on Instagram of her husband standing by her side as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.

At the end of the day, viewers only see a very small, edited version of their marriage. And it’s nobody’s place to judge someone else’s relationship from the outside.

All we can do is wish the best for Emily, whether that’s with Shane or without him. Emily is a good-hearted person who deserves to be treated well. And if Shane is doing that, then that’s all that should matter.


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Feature Photo: Phillip Faraone / Bravo

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