'RHOC' Meghan King Edmonds' Recent Statements About Husband's Mistress Are Unacceptable

Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds made waves this week after disparaging her husband’s mistress in an interview, referring to her as a “gross con artist.”

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Edmonds opened up for the first time about the cheating scandal that had rocked her family in June, admitting that the recent discovery of husband Jim’s infidelity has created marital discord between the couple.

Though her husband Jim maintains that their relationship was never physical, he admitted to emotionally cheating on Meghan King Edmonds while she was pregnant with their twin sons (Hayes and Hart, now 1-years-old). During his sexting affair with Jennifer Villegas, he even went so far as to send explicit videos of himself to her while his wife was in labor.

Despite his egregious behavior, Meghan King Edmonds confirms that the couple is still very much together and are still sharing a bed and a home in her native St. Louis. Though she does admit that it will take time for her to rebuild the trust she had in her husband, Edmonds chooses to spend most of the interview focusing on Villegas, vilifying her behavior and slamming her physical appearance and reputation.

“The second I saw [Jennifer’s] photo I saw she was disgusting. I saw how gross she was and I knew, ‘all good.'”

She continued,

“She’s gone after so many baseball players. She was out to get some money and she got it, then she was on to the next one…once I figured that out, what she was like, I was able to pull our family together. It actually made it more bearable… [I] knew he would never touch her.”

meghan king edmonds kids
Meghan with husband Jim and daughter Aspen / Instagram

There is clearly so much anger simmering just beneath the surface of Edmonds’ response and all of it is being funneled into the hatred of Villegas.

I certainly don’t fault Edmonds for being devastated over her husband’s affair. However, her public evisceration of Villegas – especially while placing only limited culpability on Jim – is totally unacceptable, no matter the circumstances. It takes two consenting parties to make an affair happen, but it appears that Edmonds has not quite accepted that truth.

To boot, Edmonds has involved her children in her marital conflict in what she considers to be an “age-appropriate” manner. Edmonds said,

“With my daughter [Aspen, 2], when we would say our nightly prayers I said to her, ‘We need to pray for mommy and daddy that we learn to love each other so, so much again. Because we do love each other so, so much and we need to learn it again because we are so, so sad right now.'”

meghan king edmonds son condition
Meghan with children Hart, Hayes, and Aspen / Instagram

Given that Edmonds also dismisses the idea of couples’ therapy in the interview – she says “we’re not having therapy, we’re talking” – I can’t help but think that she should reconsider seeking professional help. At the very least, it would give her a better outlet for managing her emotions, one that doesn’t involve hurling insults toward Villegas or placing such a heavy burden on her young daughter.

Edmonds has undoubtedly gone through a traumatic year. Jim’s affair aside, she is also reeling from the news that son Hart has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder. She has made it clear that her main priority is to rebuild her family for the sake of her young children and I am rooting for her to succeed. However, her recent statements are unacceptable and I hope she finds a healthier method for coping with her grief.

Edmonds will be returning to our screens in the upcoming season of RHOC, which premieres August 6 at 9 p.m. ET.


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