'RHOD': A Timeline of Kameron Westcott's Attacks Against Tiffany Moon

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This entire season of the Real Housewives of Dallas has focused on Brandi Redmond’s resurfaced racist video. But it’s time we talk about Kameron Westcott’s ongoing attacks lodged at Tiffany Moon.

Let’s start from the beginning.

It Began With Chicken Feet

rhod kameron racist

Kameron’s racism first reared its ugly head when Tiffany took the group to dim sum early in the season. Tiffany ordered chicken feet for the cast and asked everyone to try it.

Kam reacted with disgust and refused.

Later in the season, Kam again complained about the chicken feet and attacked Tiffany for making her try it. Tiffany tried to explain that chicken feet are a huge part of her culture and that Kam was insulting her.

But Kam didn’t let up. She continued to yell at Tiffany and insisted that chicken feet had nothing to do with Chinese culture, despite Tiffany trying to explain otherwise. Kam also accused Tiffany of stereotyping her own country. She said,

“That’s stereotyping your whole country right now. Do you realize that?”

She was ignorant, belligerent, and insulting.

Tiffany later explained why it was so offensive and said,

“It’s insulting when you try to share your culture with someone and they have such a strong negative reaction to something that is commonplace for your culture. It’s on my kitchen table on any given weekend when we have dim sum. That was the part that I felt offended by. Not that she wouldn’t eat the foot necessarily, but that she would have such a strong reaction to it, that she was disgusted by it.”

Yet Kam didn’t stop there. She then proceeded to take to Instagram where she wrote that she would rather eat dog food than chicken feet (the post has since been deleted).

rhod kameron racism

The Reunion Gets Ugly

rhod kameron westcott tweets

Kameron’s racist behavior significantly escalated during the season 5 reunion when she attempted to gaslight Tiffany.

She repeatedly tried to turn the tides and claim that Tiffany was the one being racist.

First, she brought up a TikTok video Tiffany had posted in which Tiffany jokingly imitated her mother.

Kam — a white woman — claimed that the video was insulting because it stereotyped Asian women.

@tiffanymoonmdRepost from June 2020. “Asian Mom strikes again” ##studymore ##AsianMom ##weaponofchoice ##houseslipper♬ original sound – TiffanyMoonMD

The video in question, however, showed Tiffany specifically imitating her mother, a real flesh and blood person, not a stereotype.

Kameron continued to attack Tiffany throughout the reunion, trying to paint Tiffany as racist against her own race.

The Gaslighting Continues on Twitter

rhod tiffany moon chicken feet

Despite Kameron and Tiffany supposedly squashing things at the reunion, Kam continued to attack Tiffany on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Kameron accused Tiffany of “white face” after Tiffany tweeted the clown emoji in response to a fan’s tweet mocking Kam’s receipts at the reunion.

rhod kameron westcott tweets

Kam wrote on Twitter,

“So is this a white face bc I’m white? Or is this bc I’m a clown? Wow… thought we’re moving on in February… clearly not.”

To be clear: there is no such thing as “white face.”

This was yet another example of Kam trying to gaslight Tiffany by pretending like Tiffany was being racist.

Kam’s Family Gets Involved

rhod court westcott twitter tweets

Things took yet another turn for the worse when Kam’s husband Court Westcott and brother-in-law Chart Westcott got involved on Twitter.

First, Court tweeted,

“‘Anti-racism’ is racism. It discriminates by the color of one’s skin. They tried that once in Germany, it did not work out well. I don’t understand how many of your patients would be comfortable with you treating them with your open vile racism.”

court westcott twitter tweets chase westcott

There are so many horrible things wrong with this statement.

First of all, anti-racism is NOT racist. It does NOT discriminate based on one’s skin color. Rather, anti-racism is when people take direct actions to combat racism.

Second of all, Court literally just compared anti-racism to Nazi Germany. Like, really? The hateful ignorance here is astronomical.

But the hate didn’t stop there.

Court’s brother Chart decided he would join in and tweeted,

“I’ve spoken to her twice, once when she was blackout drunk at my house but needed to get home for early work. Wonder if she had a hangover while working on her patients?”

This is not specifically racist but it is insulting and defamatory. And it’s just plain wrong.

For Kam’s part, she seemed to think the whole thing was pretty funny. When a fan wrote on Twitter,

“Get your brother in law. So embarrassing.”

Kam responded,

“Hahaha… they’re protective of me and I already told them both.”

rhod kameron westcott twitter tweets

So not only does Kam think the situation is amusing, but she also thinks that they were merely “being protective of her,” not that they were being offensive or racist. She clearly doesn’t think that they crossed a line and is ok with what they did.

Lawyers Get Involved

chart westcott twitter

It’s at this point that Tiffany’s lawyer stepped in. Her lawyer released a statement to Variety that said,

“The insinuations the Westcotts made in those tweets are reckless, defamatory and appalling. Dr. Moon is a professional in every sense of the word and is deserving of the excellent reputation that she’s earned as a physician and as a hard working mother. These attacks on her character will not be tolerated. The Westcotts would be well advised to keep mentions of Dr. Moon out of their social media feeds.”

The Westcotts have yet to respond.

Bravo Stands Up For Tiffany

court westcott twitter kameron westcott tweets

You’re probably wondering where the hell Bravo is in all of this.

After taking their sweet time, they released a statement on Friday that said,

“Bravo strongly supports the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Anti-racism is, in fact, not a form of racism and the network stands by Dr. Tiffany Moon and her advocacy against racism and violence.”

What Happens Now?

rhod kameron tweets racism tiffany

Fans are now left wondering whether Tiffany or Kameron will return to RHOD next season.

In Tiffany’s case, many fans thought she was leaving the show after she temporarily changed her Twitter profile to read, “Previous Cast Member #RHOD S5”

She also shared a photo of herself on Twitter with the caption,

“Good morning everyone. It’s time for a change. Have a wonderful day!”

However, Tiffany’s publicist has since denied that the anesthesiologist is leaving. The publicist told ET,

“The rumors of her leaving the show are not true.”

Tiffany has since changed back her profile to read, “Cast Member #RHOD.”

As for Kameron, fans are now speculating that she will be kicked off the show due to her overt racism.

At this point, Bravo has not released any official casting for RHOD season 6. The network also hasn’t confirmed that the show has even been renewed for a sixth season. After what fans are calling a “disastrous season” many are left wondering if the network will call it quits on the city.


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