'RHOD': Why Tiffany Moon Probably Won't Return For A Second Season

Tiffany Moon has been having a rough first season on the Real Housewives of Dallas. And that’s putting it mildly.

Despite trying incredibly hard to make friends with the other ladies, Tiffany hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms.

Whether it’s Kameron dissing chicken feet, Brandi accusing her of making her uncomfortable, or Kary throwing her in the pool, nearly all of her fellow RHOD cast members have been rude, disrespectful, or cold at one point or another.

Oh, and this is all happening while Tiffany is working as a doctor in the middle of a pandemic.

So yeah, it’s been rough. It’s no wonder she might not want to return next season.

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From left: Kaermon Westcott, Stephanie Hollman, Kary Brittingham, Brandi Redmond, D’Andra Simmons, and Tiffany Moon

Tiffany herself even hinted that she might be “a one-hit-wonder.” She told Stylecaster,

“It was a lot in terms of the time away from my family because normally I work and when I’m not working, I’m with my family. But this time, I was at work, and when I wasn’t working, I was working, so I didn’t see my family for much over the summer.”

She added,

“Ask me again in 12 or 13 weeks when it all finishes. I’m not sure I’m the sort of Housewife that people want to continue seeing. I have no idea.”

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From left: Stephanie, Brandi, D’Andra, Kary, Tiffany, and Kameron

Despite worrying that fans wouldn’t react well to her, Tiffany has already been a hit with viewers.

According to the anesthesiologist, she’s received a ton of positive feedback from supporters. She told Distractify,

“I just didn’t think that I would have this kind of impact. I get messages all the time that are like, ‘thank you for representing Asian-Americans or working women.'”

Tiffany has certainly been a welcome breath of fresh air. On top of being the first Asian housewife on the series, Tiffany is also one of the only ones with a grueling, full-time career. Yes, both D’Andra and Kary have their own businesses. But it’s clear that it’s nothing compared to Tiffany’s work as a doctor.

In fact, sometimes Tiffany has spent 8-10 hours in the operating room before attending one the of housewives’ many dinner parties. It’s easy to see why she is so exhausted all the time.

tiffany rhod husband
From left: D’Andra, Brandi, Stephanie, Kary, Tiffany, Kameron, and Mama Dee

And it’s not like her castmates have been particularly understanding. They’re constantly pressuring her to “be more fun” or “to loosen up.”

And Tiffany has been a good sport, especially since so many of the activities have made her uncomfortable. She even jumped in the pool with the ladies during their Austin trip, despite feeling incredibly anxious around bodies of water.

During the episode, she said in an interview,

“I have just reached my tipping point. From the moment my body hit the cold water, I’m like, ‘Tiffany 2.0 has been here all weekend, she has tried to be a good sport, and guess what? It’s still not good enough.'”

what does tiffany from rhod husband do
Tiffany and D’Andra

Honestly, Tiffany deserves better. She deserves a more supportive group of women who doesn’t pressure her into doing things she doesn’t want to do. She deserves friends with whom she can truly be herself instead of constantly trying to be someone else.

And while I personally would love to see her return next season, I can understand why she wouldn’t want to return. Tiffany should put herself first for a change and get the hell out of there. Because let’s be real, we never deserved someone as awesome as Tiffany to begin with.


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