Eboni K. Williams has definitely been a polarizing housewife this season on RHONY, to say the least.

While some fans view her as a breath of fresh air, others have accused her of being too “preachy”. And, according to Eboni, many Black fans of the show fall in the latter category.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club, she said,

“I did not expect the number of Black folks to be so uncomfortable by my presence on the show.”

She said that they had been sending her messages like,

“They were nice enough to bring your Black ass on the show. Just be happy to be there.”


“You’ve ruined my good time. We don’t watch this show for anything but white people’s foolishness.”

rhony eboni
Eboni with co-star Leah McSweeney

Eboni explained,

“Black people feel like I’m making them cringe. I am making them uncomfortable and I am messing up their good entertaining time.”

But according to Eboni’s analysis, their discomfort goes a lot deeper than that. She said she believed the reason why her confrontations with her white co-stars made them “cringe” was because of their own unwillingness to confront racism in their lives.

She said,

“[I’m] holding up a mirror to some of our kinfolk that let this bullshit microaggression, white supremacy, or aggressive racism pass them by every day and they don’t say shit. And so when they see [me] saying shit, it’s a reflection of what they’re not doing in their daily life. and they’re feeling attacked, they’re feeling under siege by this example of [me] stepping into [my] power in a way that they themselves might not feel empowered to do so.”

eboni rhony season 13
From left: Leah McSweeney, Eboni K. Williams, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps

Despite all of their concerns about “the Blackness of it all,” Eboni insists that she’s “a hella good time” and that that’s clear from the show.

Of course, as the first Black housewife on RHONY, Eboni is not going to please everyone. She was put in a position that placed a lot of pressure on her to “represent,” a pressure she was well aware of.

She previously told Entertainment Tonight,

“I’m representing Black women for the first time on this show, so that is an enormous expectation from greater society and also, frankly, from the Black community to show up and represent us in a really important, positive way, especially in this moment of racial reckoning in America.”

To watch Eboni try to represent her community and confront her co-stars’ white fragility, tune in to RHONY on Bravo on Tuesday.


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