'RHONY': Heather Thomson Goes on Defensive Rampage, Calls Eboni K. Williams Nasty Names

Former Real Housewives of New York cast member Heather Thomson apparently does not take criticism well.

Heather recently embarrassed herself on the show by attempting to whitesplain microaggressions to Eboni K. Williams and then had the audacity to call Eboni “articulate” (a HUGE no-no). And now that she’s being called out by both her co-stars and the show’s fans, Heather is lashing out.

On Instagram, Heather responded to a fan who called Eboni a “race-baiter” and said,

“I have to agree with you. Hers is not a class I want to take.”

Well, since Heather knows everything about Black culture, it’s no wonder she wouldn’t want to take Eboni’s “class.” I mean, Heather is all cool and worked for Diddy, after all. *cue eye roll*

heather rhony microaggressions
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But that wasn’t all. Heather then proceeded to go on a rampage about how Eboni is pushing a “fake narrative” and how she only got a bad edit because the producers didn’t like that she quit.

Heather wrote,

‘It’s sad she’s trying to Monday morning quarterback for Leah with what is a deliberate attempt to change the narrative of the sensitive issues that took place, it’s low and it is sad to see. I would have thought negative campaigning would be below Eboni but she’s shown us that it is not.”

She continued,

“So much for her obligations to tell the truth. The fake narrative she’s trying to plant now is garbage.”

heather thomson rhony microaggressions definition
source: @queensofbravo

As much as Heather wants to complain that she “got a bad edit,” the truth is that nobody put words in her mouth. She said what she said and now she’s getting defensive about the backlash.

Heather, who appeared on RHONY as a full-time housewife in seasons 5-7, was once a fan favorite. But recently, she seems to be consistently be making an ass out of herself. Heather was wrong and she knows it. And now, she’s only digging herself a bigger hole.

The majority of fans seemed to side with Eboni with comments like,

“To me, this exchange seems to prove Eboni’s point”


“GIRL BYE, go take a class in microaggressions before you speak on Eboni!”

“As if Heather couldn’t be any more cringe”

Eboni, for her part, has acted with nothing but class. While on WWHL, she explained that, while she recognizes that Heather was trying to be helpful during her conversation with Luann, she only worsened the situation. She told Andy Cohen,

“To have this white woman, despite her intentions, step into the space of translator, it furthers a narrative that there’s some inability to connect with me directly in shared humanity.”

She continued,

“I don’t need to be translated, let alone translated by a woman who doesn’t have an adequate lens of my experience or even know me, beyond meeting me 48 hours prior to. So in those ways, I do think Heather was unproductive.”

Heather is only set to appear in a small number of episodes this season as she notoriously quit after she was “assaulted” by co-star Leah McSweeney, which Leah vehemently denies.

RHONY airs on Bravo on Tuesdays.


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