So Much 'Real Housewives' News, So Little Time

There has been a crazy amount of Real Housewives news this week and we can barely keep up!

This week, we’ve heard from Heather Thompson, Heather Dubrow, Carole Radziwell, Eboni K. Williams, and more. So, let’s not waste any more time — check out everything that went down the last few days.

‘RHONY’: Heather Thompson Returns!

rhony heather thompson returning
From left: Heather Thompson, Carole Radziwell, Dorinda Medley

The rumors are officially true: fan-favorite Heather Thompson is coming back to the Real Housewives of New York… kind of.

In a recent interview, Heather said that she’ll be returning as a friend, not as a full-time cast member. She explained,

“I really like dropping in on the show. Since I left, I’ve been back. I left [after Season 7], but I never really left. I always like to touch base with the ladies and [now there’s] all this intrigue about [my] big return.”

She added,

“I really can’t [return full time]. I wish I could on one level, but on another level, I’ve got a lot going on which is great. I’ve got two teenagers. I’ve got two new businesses that I’ve started and listen, Housewives is a lot of work. I know it looks like and it is — we get followed around and we show off our lives, but really Housewives is — especially New York and with some of the OG’s it’s slapstick.”

It’s unclear how much Heather will participate in season 13, but hopefully, it won’t be a one-time drop-in.

‘RHOC’ Heather Dubrow Slams Kelly Dodd For Being ‘Not Human’

rhoc heather dubrow
From left: Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd, Meghan O’Toole King

Kelly Dodd has done and said a number of horrifying things recently and RHOC alum has had it.

On the Poplitically Incorrect podcast, she said of Kelly,

“I think that in these days and times, talking about the boycott, if you don’t believe in the Black Lives Matter movement, if you’re gonna be against this, if you’re not gonna understand where we are in our world today and what humans need, you’re not human.”

Heather’s statement comes after Kelly mocked BLM with a “Drunk Wives Matter” hat and made numerous cruel comments about COVID, including claiming that it was, “God’s way of thinning the herd.”

Andy Cohen is Trying to Revive ‘RHOM’

real housewives of miami

Real Housewives of Miami may have only lasted three seasons from 2011-2013, but Andy Cohen isn’t quite ready to give up on it yet. Andy has apparently been pitching the show to Peacock, NBC’s new streaming platform (NBC owns Bravo).

He recently said on Everything Iconic podcast,

“I have really been trying to get Peacock to pick up Miami. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this. I don’t know where we are with that. I have to say the fans of Miami are still very vocal, and so I’ve been an advocate for Peacock bringing back Miami.”

RHOM was the only Housewives franchise to feature a majority Latina cast so perhaps with the recent push for diversity in the franchise, Peacock will be open to bringing it out.

‘RHONY’ Carole Radziwell Dishes Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Secrets

rhony carole radziwell

In a new essay for Allure magazine, Carole Radziwell discussed how obsessed the Housewives have become over the years when it comes to their glam teams. She wrote,

“By the time I left, after season 10, glam teams were part of our everyday life on camera, with producers offering to pay for glam if they could film it as part of the story. We were shown getting Botox injections to smooth our foreheads, chemical peels to tighten our skin, lasers to reduce ass fat. I was once filmed getting a Brazilian bikini wax — legs up! It seemed nothing was off-limits.”

But apparently, things weren’t always that way. When Carole first joined the cast in season 5, she said that nobody on the cast got their makeup professionally done for every scene they filmed.

For her, the turning point seemed to be until halfway through season six when Ramona notoriously through a wine glass at Kristen Taekman’s face after Kristen playfully splashed her in the lake, ruining her blowout.

Since then, things only escalated and, by the end, “haircuts got weaponized and fake lashes got normalized.”

‘RHOC’ Original Cast Member Jeana Keough Claims the Show Was Actually Made For Her

rhoc original cast members
From Left: Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Jeana Keough

Although Vicki Gunvalson has always claimed that the Real Housewives of Orange County was *her* show, fellow OG cast member Jeana Keough claims otherwise.

According to Jeana, one of the producers was her next-door neighbor and became intrigued with her life and all the comings and goings at her house. On the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Tontef, she said,

“He shot a pilot with just me. He went to the network and they go, ‘Oh wow. That’s really interesting. I love that.’ You know, the way the kids treat her, which wasn’t so good at all the time, you know that. But they said, ‘You know, go see if we can find four or five other families.'”

Jeana also took credit for the casting of Tammy Knickerbocker and Jo De La Rosa.

‘RHONY’ New Cast Member Eboni K. Williams Says Race is ‘Absolutely Discussed’ This Season

rhony first black housewife
Ramina Singer and Eboni K. Williams

Eboni K. Williams, aka the first Black woman to be cast on RHONY, recently dished about her time filming with the girls so far. She said that she definitely didn’t shy away from the tougher subjects, including issues pertaining to race. On SiriusXM, she said,

“Race is absolutely discussed, I think in responsible, but very authentic ways on this season,. It’s already happening. I can tell you that much. We’re still very much in our filming process. I believe it will continue to happen because it’s what you said — it’s unavoidable.”

She added that she had no plan to get “preachy” since she wasn’t there to “be a professor to white women about Black America.”


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