'RHOP': Candiace Dillard Crosses the Line in Latest Attacks on Ashley Darby

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There’s been a lot of talk of body shaming this season on the Real Housewives of Potomac. But Candiace Dillard recently took things to a new low when she viciously attacked Ashley Darby’s appearance.

The whole thing went down at Robyn Dixon‘s birthday party, where the women were rehashing the events of their weekend in Williamsburg.

Candiace immediately lashed out at Ashley over her part in the drama and said,

“You brought your wide ass to Williamsburg to spread lies and bullshit. And then you took off with your breastmilk.”

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Ashley responded,

“You want to talk about ‘body shaming,’ right, and now you’re calling me wide?”

Candiace replied,

“I’m not body-shaming you. You walking into a room, you body shame yourself with your big-face and your big-ass forehead.”

Um, what the actual f*ck? If that’s not body shaming I don’t know what is.

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Candiace’s comments about Ashley’s “wide ass” were particularly cruel since Ashley literally just had a baby and is still trying to lose the extra baby weight. Like many mothers, she’s probably feeling extremely vulnerable about her body right now.

Not to mention the pure irony of the situation. Candiace told the other ladies numerous times to “be nice” in Williamsburg and yet she couldn’t wait two seconds before going after Ashley.

If Candiace had a problem with the way Ashley went about her conversation with Wendy Osefo, that’s one thing. But attacking her looks is not the way to handle it. It seemed like Candiace was merely looking for any opening to go after Ashley, regardless of what she did or didn’t do.

What Went Down in Williamsburg

Although Candiace claimed Ashley was being intentionally messy, Ashley maintains that she had good intentions going into her conversation with Wendy. She said she knew the rumors were false but hoped to be a source of support for Wendy since she too has been through the rumor mill with her own husband Michael on numerous occasions.

She told Bravo’s The Daily Dish,

“I really thought that this was going to be something that we would have, like, a little kiki [about].”

She continued,

“Considering that it is something that is very similar to something that I went through, I do think that it makes sense that we would have that talk and just laugh about it, or anything aside from what happened.”

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She admitted that she was shocked by Wendy’s reaction and told Entertainment Tonight,

“It was all really surprising to me. I am not a drama starter, first of all. I just ask the questions that nobody likes, no one wants to hear. I was not coming from a messy place this time.”

Ashley also defended co-star Gizelle Bryant, who she claims was not trying to be messy either. She explained,

“If Gizelle really wanted to be malicious, if she really wanted to shade Eddie, I guarantee you she would have had the one-liners coming left, right, and center that would have landed dead on. So, I’m not going to say it was malicious.”

A Season of Body Shaming

For Wendy’s part, she hasn’t taken too kindly to Ashley, Gizelle, or even Robyn’s comments about her, particularly when it comes to her body.

Wendy openly told her co-stars at the beginning of the season that she got breast and butt implants. Since then, numerous housewives have commented on her outfits and how revealing they are in comparison to what she wore last season.

Although her co-stars have said these comments under the guise of “concern,” Wendy has found them to be extremely hurtful. At one point she told Gizelle,

“When you made those comments, that hurt me. I felt as though you were body-shaming me, like, ‘OK you need to cover up, why have I seen so much of your boobies?'”

rhop wendy osefo plastic surgery
credit: Bravo

Meanwhile, Gizelle, Robyn, and Ashley have stood by their comments. They claim that their comments are less about Wendy’s body and more about how her personality has changed over the last year.

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