'RHOP': Candiace Dillard Has No Remorse

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If you thought Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard was feeling guilty about those low-blows she threw at Mia Thornton, think again.

On the RHOP After Show, Candiace addressed calling Mia’s mother “low budget” (as well as the other insults she hurled at her) and had no regrets. She said,

“I’m not sorry I responded the way I did, because Mia wanted smoke, and she just wasn’t prepared to get my brand of it.”

She continued,

“Who else does she get that rough and tough with? Nobody. And she thought that I was the one, and she got what she got. You’re welcome.”

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In case you need a refresher, Candiace called Mia’s mother (who suffers from substance abuse issues) “low budget” after Mia called Candiace’s music video the same thing.

Things got increasingly heated during the couples weekend, where Candiace said the following:

“Your mother’s a broke bitch.”

“You just got here and you barely made it in, so watch your motherf—g mouth. You can walk your night-crawling ass out of the room.”

“Where is your pimp? Where is your pimp? He needs to put you back in line. G, tell her to shut the f—k up again.”

“Your mother’s low-budget, go cry about it in your room.”

She also criticized Mia’s “big feet” numerous times.

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Co-Stars Claim Candiace Went Too Far

Most of the other women have taken Mia’s side, agreeing that Candiace took things too far.

On WWHL, co-star Gizelle Bryant commented,

“I love Candiace to death, but her mouth is a garbage can. Like, her mouth is horrible.”

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Karen Huger even agreed, saying on the RHOP After Show,

“I worry about Candiace speaking to people that way about their family, and you don’t know them. Take the time to get to know her or anyone before you attack them personally because it could go left quick, and this was ugly.”

She added,

“You know, I lost my mother, and Mia’s mother has been through a lot, and you just don’t disrespect one’s mother.”

A History of Body Shaming

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that things have gotten ugly between Candiace and a castmate — not even the first time this season.

At Robyn Dixon’s birthday earlier this season, Candiace attacked Ashley Darby and called her “wide-bodied” (a particularly cruel comment given that Ashley had just given birth weeks earlier).

Candiace said,

“You brought your wide-bodied ass down to Williamsburg to spread lies and bullshit and then you took off with your breast milk.”

rhop candiace ashley
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When Ashley called her out for body-shaming her, Candiace retorted,

“I’m not body shaming you. You walking into a room, you body shame yourself with your big ass face and your big ass forehead.”

Following the episode, Candiace was again completely unremorseful. During the After Show, she said,

“She’s a spinner. And you want to make everything about what it’s not. She tried to make what I said ‘mom-shaming.’ And it was not.”

She continued,

“I like to diversify my insults. I wanted to change it up. But it had nothing to do with her ‘being wider’ because she just had a baby.”

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She continued to add insult to injury on WWHL. Candiace again insulted her co-star’s forehead and face, even after Andy Cohen called her out for body-shaming Ashley.

On top of that, she defended herself by claiming that all of her co-stars have body-shamed each other at one point or another and yet she was the only one getting called out for it. She said,

“All body shaming, for whatever reason, Candiace is the only one who gets nailed to the cross, let’s work on that.”

While Candiace is certainly correct that everyone on RHOP has gone for the jugular at one point, Candiace seems to have made a habit of it. Worse, she continues to double-down on the body shaming and the insults, even after she’s had time to think about her words and actions.

Candiace accused Mia of “needing therapy” but it’s clearly Candiace who needs therapy herself. And her therapist should most definitely not be her mother.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays on Bravo.


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