'RHOP': Robyn Dixon Describes Mental Health Struggles Amid Pandemic

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The Real Housewives of Potomac is officially back for season 6! But unfortunately, not all of our favorite women survived the last year unscathed.

As we soon find out, Robyn has been struggling. In the premiere episode, she described a lack of motivation and feeling exhausted. It sounds like low-grade depression.

She said,

“In all honesty, I’ve been burnt out.”

She continued,

“I didn’t expect the pandemic to still be going on. The days are meshing together. There’s nothing really to look forward to, there’s nothing to get dressed for.”

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Credit: Robyn Dixon / Instagram

She also expressed concern for how her depression was affecting her relationship with fiancé Juan Dixon. She explained,

“I could see things getting bad between me and Juan but I’m just stuck and when I get overwhelmed I shut down.”

And by the looks of the preview for the rest of the season, Robyn’s mental health doesn’t get better anytime soon. They show a scene of Robyn struggling to get out of bed while her fiancé gets frustrated.

Robyn is certainly not the only person to experience depression during the COVID pandemic. A study conducted by the CDC in 2020 found that there was a 31% increase in stress and depression symptoms in adults.

COVID has also negatively affected relationships as well. The BBC reported divorces and divorce applications increased worldwide.

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Credit: Robyn Dixon / Instagram

Hopefully, Robyn and Juan can make it through this difficult time. They’ve worked so hard to get their relationship back on track for the last few years.

The couple originally got married in July 2005 but divorced in March 2012 after Juan cheated on Robyn. They remained in limbo for several years as Juan continued living at the house even after they divorced.

Juan and Robyn eventually found their way back to each other and Juan proposed to Robyn for a second time in December 2019 during the RHOP season 5 finale.

Plans for their wedding have been put on hold, however, due to the pandemic. According to Robyn, it’s not a high priority. The family is currently focusing on building their new home and on virtual schooling for their two kids, sons Corey (13) and Carter (11).

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 PM on Bravo.


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