Fans Call Out Rihanna and A$AP Rocky For Entitled Attitudes At the Met Gala

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Rihanna may have wowed in her Valentino gown at the Met Gala but fans were less than impressed by her and partner A$AP Rocky’s diva attitudes at the event.

We’ll start with A$AP Rocky since he’s easily the worse offender of the two.

A$AP apparently decided to make some sort of “entrance” and emerged from the crowds watching from the sidelines. He then proceeded to use some poor, unsuspecting girl’s face as a crutch to hop over the guard rails, knocking off the girl’s glasses in the process.

The girl was not hurt but was understandably pissed… until she realized who had assaulted her. Based on the video currently circulating on social media (above), the girl looked absolutely thrilled once she realized it was A$AP Rocky who had smashed her face.

Fans, however, were definitely *not* impressed. Many took to social to decry his actions. Some of the comments on videos posted to Reddit and Twitter included:

“The way he just shoved his hand in that person’s face?? God celebrities are so obnoxious”

“Literally knocked her glasses off. So entitled.”

“Damn, to be a celebrity. He legit shoved that person’s face and she was pissed, but as soon as she saw who it was, it was all good.”

“Imagine just using a strangers face as a launching pad. That’s a new level of entitlement or stupidity.”

“The power of celebrity is using someone’s face as a springboard and them looking at you in awe over it lol”


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As for Rihanna, many were less than impressed with her “fashionably late” arrival (the gala started at 6:30 pm and she arrived at 10:15 pm — well after the Vogue livestream ended and dinner had been served).

One Reddit user posted,

“Unpopular opinion: Rihanna being late to everything (including the 2023 Met Gala) isn’t cute or endearing. It’s disrespectful to everyone behind the scenes”

However, it turned out not to be as “unpopular” an opinion as they thought. Most commenters agreed and one user wrote,

“People normalize certain celebrities being disrespectful assholes all in the name of yasss queen and slay bitch meanwhile seriously wasting everyone’s time especially people who patronize their crap.”

Another user added,

“People will excuse it like ‘but it’s riri!’ but it really is disrespectful to everyone and the way people treat her like a goddess lets her know she can get away with it every time.”


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Additional Redditors relayed their own experiences with Rihanna’s lateness including the performer showing up two hours late to her own concert, four hours late to an appearance at a high school, and 10 hours late to a photoshoot.

(Us Weekly reported on Riri’s late visit to the high school in 2013. And there are numerous articles about Rihanna showing up anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours late to her own concerts over the years).

Not everyone was bothered by Rihanna’s lateness. Some claimed that her incredible red carpet look was well worth the wait.

Rihanna’s white silk gown was designed by Valentino’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli and featured a hood adorned with 30 floral appliques. According to the brand, it required the work of 30 seamstresses.

She paired the dress with Bulgari jewelry and Valentino sunglasses.


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