Rihanna on Surviving Trump: I Pray *A Lot*

Let’s be honest: Trump and his horribleness have infiltrated every single aspect of our lives. After all, when was the last time you got on Twitter and didn’t see Trump-related news trending?

Many celebs have recently become politically active, and that includes queen Rihanna.  She recently called out Trump on Twitter for abandoning Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, telling him “don’t let your people die like this,” and even met with French President Emmanuel Macron to talk education.

So how does she get through it all? Prayer.

She recently told The Cut,

“I pray a lot. A lot. And I try to just look at every situation like there’s some reason behind it. Even if I can’t feel it in that moment, I just thank God anyway, because I know that there’s something better coming, and he’s doing it for my good. I just don’t understand it right now. I look forward to when it’s revealed to me.”

Riri has been persistently calling out Trump since day one of his presidency. When he tried to initiate his first Muslim ban, she tweeted,

We’re so proud of Rihanna for vigilantly using her platform to bring attention to these injustices, unlike some people.

Lena Finkel
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