'Riverdale' is Finally Giving Us All the Choni Love We Deserve

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It took a while, but Riverdale is finally giving us a real Cheryl and Toni relationship.

When the couple first got together, I couldn’t be more excited. Not only were the two *perfect* for each other, but it was also a chance to showcase another bisexual relationship on TV in a positive light.

But unfortunately, Riverdale never followed through on their promise. There were almost no scenes of the couple together and even less focus on their relationship. Until now.

riverdale cheryl toni
Photo: Riverdale / The CW

In the midseason premiere, we finally all got to see the #Choni love we all wanted.

Not only were there plenty of scenes with the girls together, but the show portrayed them having a sweet, loving relationship. The two were touchy-feely with each other (and not in the girl-on-girl porn-esque way that usually plays out on TV a la Glee).

Cheryl and Toni were romantic together and were happy to engage in some cute PDA, holding hands down the halls of Riverdale High.

riverdale choni
Photo: Vanessa Morgan / Instagram

This may seem like a small thing, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. Normalizing bisexual relationships, especially for teens, shows them that bisexuality is valid. Because, unfortunately, so many people still believe that bisexuality is just a pitstop on the way to coming out as gay.

We’ve seen more and more bisexual relationships on TV and, with the combination of all the celebs who have come out in recent years, bisexuality is finally getting the recognition it deserves.


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Photo: Vanessa Morgan / Instagram

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