‘Riverdale’ Cole Sprouse Said the Show’s Concept Was Originally His Worst Nightmare

Real talk: Cole Sprouse was absolutely not on board with Riverdale when the idea was first pitched to him.

As a huge Archie Comics fan, Cole shuddered at the very idea of adapting it for TV. In his recent AMA for Reddit, he wrote,

“Truth is, we were all a bit hesitant about the setting of the show. Upon first glance, an abstract like “a dark and gritty take on the Archie Comics,” is a fanboy like myself’s worst nightmare.”

But once reading the script, he realized it was pure gold!

“It was only after I had read the horror storylines that RAS and the other writers had produced, along with hearing the Twin Peaks outline for the show, that I knew it would be something fun. The content was good and self-aware. We all give a lot of ourselves into making sure the characters are faithful, even in this new setting.”

Seriously, thank god because can you imagine anyone else playing Jughead? Also if Sprouse never took the role, he never would have met Lili Reinhart, his kind-of-sort-of-secret-girlfriend. Adorbs!


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