Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart is speaking up on the cast’s behalf after a rude fan encounter.

Apparently, a Riverdale fan got all up in the cast’s business, and Lili Reinhart is not here for it.

In a nutshell, the fan saw the cast in Vancouver and tweeted that they were rude to her, and Lili responded with multiple tweets disproving her claims.

The fan claims that she was drunk and approached the cast in a friendly way like she knew them, and Cole Sprouse exclaimed, “who the f*ck are you.”

Kinda understandable, tbh, if a random stranger approaches you in the streets.

She also states the celebrities have to “deal with the consequences” and that if they don’t want fans approaching them they should just quit. Um, sorry girl but that’s not how it works. And also, last time I checked, people didn’t get into the acting business so that they could be harassed by strangers?

Lili made sure these points were clear in her response to the fan’s anecdote. She wrote:

We’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: celebrities don’t owe us anything. More and more celebrities no longer take fan photos due to privacy issues, which is completely fair and understandable. They don’t owe any of us an explanation or apology. Just as you wouldn’t want to be questioned or approached in public, nor do they.

Good for Lili for speaking her mind.

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