'Riverdale' Madelaine Petsch: 'I'm Honored to Play a Bisexual Character'

madelaine petsch bisexual
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After months of speculation, Madelaine Petsch has officially confirmed that her Riverdale character Cheryl Blossom is bisexual.

Madelaine first teased that she was getting a new love interest before the season started and we’ve been waiting to meet who Cheryl would hook up with. And now we know for sure: Cheryl’s new beau will be a lady! She told Elle,

“I am beyond honored to bring bisexuality in females to the screen more. I feel like it’s extremely rare to find a female who’s bisexual and not either lesbian or straight on television shows. I think it’s great that we’re living in a generation where I can play a character that’s fluid, and that’s something that really is happening in the world, and it’s socially acceptable. And I love that we can make it more socially acceptable, and I’m honored that I get to be the one that gets to do that on our show.”

Bisexuality on TV has become more and more common, especially in the last two years with shows like Crazy Ex-GirlfriendJane the Virgin, and Brooklyn 99 featuring main characters who are bi.

As for Cheryl, there are already speculations about who her girlfriend will be. The two biggest possibilities? Josie or Toni, who has already said she’s bi herself. My hope is for Cheryl and Toni — it would be an awesome dynamic, not to mention that the two actresses are besties IRL!

Obviously, Madelaine wouldn’t say who she’ll date, she only claimed,

“I think some people will be surprised, and I think some people will totally have seen it coming.”

And even though Cheryl will be dating a woman this season, Madelaine would rather not label her at all.

“She doesn’t need to label herself, I think it’s just great that she’s fluid. She loves who she loves, and that’s a huge part of what we’re living through right now. That’s a huge part of the year that we’re in, and I hope it continues that way for the rest of my life and for human life.”


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