'Riverdale' Season 2: Everything We Can Expect About the Black Hood, Betty Cooper, and More

Betty Cooper has been through a lot this season on Riverdale and according to Lili Reinhart, things are only going to get tougher.

Lili recently chatted about Betty and how she might (finally!) recognize some of her mental health issues.

“When Betty digs her nails into her hands, it’s kind of when things are happening with her family. That’s her trigger, whether it be her mother, her brother, or Polly. I think that’s something to keep in mind.”

This is the same behavior we saw in Betty in season one when she tried out for the cheer squad and Cheryl tried to provoke her.

And although we don’t know too much about Polly, aka Betty’s sis, and her mental health, we may find out if Betty’s long-lost half-brother shares the same struggles.

“She’s very curious to see if he has that darkness inside him as well. There might be some sister/brother bonding over mental health issues.”

Back in October, it was revealed that newbie Hart Denton would play Betty’s new brother Chic. No plotline has been revealed yet but many fans are theorizing that Chic’s dad is Jughead’s dad FP.

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More to come this season? According to the show’s creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacas, Riverdale will be getting back to its roots.

“The second half of season 2 gets back to a little bit of Riverdale basics, which is focused on stories at the school, kind of getting back in deep on the relationships and the friendships. There’s still going to be a pulpy noir crime element to the second half, but there will be a resurgence of high school hijinks, and getting back to the roots of what [Archie comics are] all about.”

The first half of season 2 focused on the mystery of the black hood and after his identity was revealed to be (spoiler!) Svenson, it’s time to move on. But not everyone agrees. Many fans think Svenson is not the true identity of the black hood and Lili agrees.

“Things don’t feel right…like, there’s still some deep, dark, unspoken mystery going on.”

Aguirre-Sacas even confirmed that it might not be *completely* over as they led us to believe.

“People don’t always stay dead in Riverdale, so we’re definitely going to be dealing with the aftermath of the Black Hood, and kind of the events of the last two or three episodes for a long time.”

Riverdale returns to the CW on January 17.


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