So Much 'Riverdale' News, So Little Time...

Omg, this is almost exhausting.

The Riverdale cast is everywhere these days. So let’s break down the best parts of their appearances:

Last night, Cole Sprouse sipped continuously from a mug while Seth Meyers’ audience applauded his most clever tweets. I think this is Cole’s ideal environment.

On the show, Cole revealed his obsession with the portrayal of Jughead‘s dog Hot Dog.

He told Seth,

“Jughead’s dog in the comics is undoubtedly the worst part of the digests. Hands down, he’s the scariest thing and adds not too much. But for some reason, I wanted to stick to having an English sheepdog like he is in the comics. Originally, he was pitched as a pitbull. For a week, I was trying to wear Roberta down about this, and we got this dog, and this dog was the worst actor I have ever…so dumb, so dumb. It barked the whole time, it didn’t hit its mark, it broke fourth wall consistently.”

Poor Cole, trying to be all authentic comic book man.

Also, Cole wrote a super creepy poem to his mom as a kid, which he read aloud to Seth. I’m really not surprised this exists, though.

And it was even weirder hearing him recite it.

Now on to Lili!

Lili Reinhart said there’s pretty much nothing romantic left between Betty and Archie. (Ok…we’ll see about that.)

She told TV Line,

“I don’t think Betty has feelings for Archie anymore. I think that’s over and done with. She’s in love with Jughead and is happy being with him. I definitely think Archie has some commitment issues. He has a wandering eye, you know?”

But honestly, Betty had deep feelings for a good part of her adolescence about this boy, and I just don’t buy that they are going to go away completely.

Lili also kind of killed ‘Dark Betty.’

She said,

“It’s not really ‘Dark Betty.’ It’s more of just like ‘Assertive Betty’… She needs to put on her boss-ass woman pants and step into the role of being a strong and assertive woman. She’s a warrior for her friends.”

Wiping away our tears of pride. We just really adore Betty Cooper. Be whatever Betty you want to be, honestly.

And then there’s KJ Apa, posting an adorable Insta with Riverdale director Paul Biason. Never change who you are, KJ.

Credit: Instagram

And now on to Camila Mendes. The actress revealed via Instagram that she had experienced periods in which she struggled with eating disorders and is joining Project HEAL to end the stigma around with such disorders. So proud of our babe for all the activist work she’s done recently.

…and that’s what you missed in the Riverdale world this week.

Riverdale airs on Wednesdays on The CW.


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