'Riverdale's Josie is Finally Going to Get the Screen Time She Deserves... On Another Show

riverdale spinoff josie

It’s official: A Riverdale spinoff is in the works! And it will star none other than Ashleigh Murray, aka Josie McCoy, herself.

According to Variety, the new show, called Katy Keene, will follow Katy, Josie, and two other Archie Comics characters trying to make it in New York. The show will take place a few years after Riverdale and Josie will be in her early 20s.

The show hasn’t officially been picked up yet and is currently in the casting process in hopes of creating a pilot.

riverdale spinoff ashleigh murray
Source: Netflix

This news is a huge relief as Josie has barely gotten the air time she deserves on Riverdale.

Although Josie and the Pussycats started out as a group of badass babes who called Archie out on his shit, they have all but faded. The group is no more and even though Josie still appears alongside the gang, she’s often an afterthought.

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Ashleigh is an incredibly talented actress so to see her as a lead in this new show is exciting. But if Katy Keene is picked up, she will most likely leave Riverdale for good.

In addition to Katy Keene, The CW has also picked up a pilot for a Jane the Virgin spinoff called Jane the Novela.


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