‘Riverdale’ Tweet Might Suggest Fred Andrews Is Alive

riverdale tweet fred andrews
Credit: Instagram

The end of Riverdale Season 1 provided a lot of answers, but also brought up a number of questions. Namely, what’s going to happen to Fred Andrews?

Many people suspect he is dead. I mean, things did not look too good for Archie’s dad after that gunshot wound. Earlier in the summer, the official Archie Comics Twitter account tweeted an image of the new season’s table read, but actor Luke Perry (who plays Fred Andrews) is nowhere to be seen in the photo. So…? Dead…?

But now, a somewhat conflicting tweet from Riverdale‘s Twitter account is raising eyebrows.

The tweet includes a short video interview with Luke Perry and is captioned, “There’s a special bond between father and son. See Luke Perry in #Riverdale, returning October 11 on The CW.”

But wait, does that mean he’s not dead? That’s what many fans are deducing is you take a quick peek at the tweet’s replies.

It’s honestly too hard to draw any firm conclusions. Cosmo raised a good point that perhaps he will return in the form of flashbacks or Season 1 recap footage. I guess we can’t know for sure until the series returns on October 11.

While we sit here impatiently waiting for answers, check out all we know about Riverdale Season 2.

Allie Bush
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