With so much news happening every day, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the news you might have missed, but definitely need to know about.

1. Robert Fuller’s Death Officially Ruled a Suicide

robert fuller
Robert with his sister Angel

After a month-long investigation, authorities are officially ruling Robert Fuller’s death a suicide.

You may recall that Robert, a 24-year-old black man, was found hanging from a tree earlier this year.

His family, as well as many people around the country, found it difficult to believe that it was a suicide and not a lynching.

The L.A. Sheriff’s Department claims there are no signs of any defensive marks. Additionally, authorities have reason to believe that Robert purchased a similar rope at the Dollar Tree a month prior to his death.

Robert’s family has yet to respond.

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2. Lady A Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

lady antebellum lady a lawsuit

In case you missed it, the country group Lady Antebellum previously announced that, due to the recent Black Lives Matter protests, they would be changing their name from Lady Antebellum to Lady A. Shortly after finding out that Anita White has used the stage name for decades, they said they would try to share the name.

Now, they are suing Lady A for usage of the name because they are literally the worst.

Don’t worry — the real Lady A isn’t going to let them have it so easy.

Lady A told Vulture,

“Here we go again with another white person trying to take something from a Black person, even though they say they’re trying to help. If you want to be an advocate or an ally, you help those who you’re oppressing. And that might require you to give up something because I am not going to be erased.”

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3. ‘Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Hires First Trans Model

sports illustrated trans model

In the last few years, Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue has made a huge attempt at inclusivity and it turns out 2020 will be no different.

The magazine announced that Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio will be the first trans woman to appear in the issue.

Valentina told E! News,

“The first thought that came to my mind was this is not only an achievement for me as an individual but for the whole Trans community.”

In the last few years, the Swimsuit Issue has included plus-size models Ashley Graham and Hunter McGrady as well as hijab-wearing model Halima Aden (who sported a burkini).

Valentina previously made history as the first trans person to cover any edition of Vogue magazine in 2017.

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4. A Goya Boycott Ensues After CEO Praises Trump

goya boycott trump supporter

To the disappointment of foodies everywhere, Goya’s CEO has apparently shown his affection for Trump. He said,

“We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump.”

Many folks, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Chef José Andrés, and Chrissy Teigen, took to Twitter to express their anger and declare that they would no longer be using Goya products.

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5. Black Trans Woman Says Prison Staff Allowed Fellow Prisoners to Rape Her

trans woman raped prison C. Jay Smith

C. Jay Smith has claimed that, after San Quentin State Prison staffers discovered she had been a victim of rape, they set her up to be raped by her fellow prisoners.

Her lawsuit states that the staff “allowed multiple men in custody to rape Ms. Smith repeatedly over four consecutive days” in 1998. C. Jay finally decided to tell her Mental Health Primary Clinician in 2019, opening up an investigation. Prison staff found out and have been retaliating ever since.

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