Rock the Right Swimsuit With These Top Tips

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Who said we can’t all look good in a swimsuit? While you’ll often see article after article talk about how everyone has a beach body, that over-simplifies the issue. Even if we know that we have as much right to wear a bikini as anyone else, it’s hard to erase that voice that tells you you won’t look good because of an insecurity or body type.

While it’s not the magic fix to all body-image issues, knowing how to bring out the best in your unique body with some tweaks and tips will help you find a suit you feel comfortable in and that’s half the magic! Let’s take a look.

Everyone can find a great suit

First of all, the body positive movement is correct — everyone can look great in a swimsuit, no matter your personal quirks, size, shape, or anything else. Beautiful bathing suits come in all shapes, colors, and styles. How do you find that perfect one for you, however? If you need a lot of time to examine styles, get overloaded, feel shy, or simply don’t want to go to a store, remember online shopping opens the experience right up for people. Here are some tips to help you narrow down designs.

Adjust your mood

Easier said than done. But it is necessary. Every single body can wear whatever swimsuit you like. You don’t have to be or look a certain way. Problem sorted, right? Not quite. So what do you do if you still feel shy? First, consider what you love about your body. We’re going to seek out styles that play up your favorite parts of yourself, instead of focusing on hiding supposed “problem” parts.

plus size swimsuit
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Next, remember the old saying about faking it ’til you make it. Hold your head high, smile, walk tall and straight, and act confident. Even if it’s all a bold lie, your body will also respond to the mood you’ve set.

Lastly, don’t forget that it’s totally ok to glam it up with accessories, too. Steer away from the real deal, and opt for fun, bright, and big costume jewelry. We’d choose resin, wood, and even slinky plastic rather than faux metals, as they have the perfect summer vibes.

Play up what you love

So, now let’s make your favorite feature pop. We can’t list them all here, but here are some common ones:


With a large bust, the best thing to do is seek a swimsuit that covers and supports you so you can set and forget. On bikinis, look for a thick band or even an underwire. On suits, a thick strap would be best. If you want to play down your bust, look for patterns, cuts, or styles that deemphasize the area.

plus size swimsuit
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If you’d rather show off your assets, do the opposite. Busts can be played up with halter necks and triangle tops, or add some layers and texture with bows and ruffles. One thing to avoid? Bandeau tops. Unless you have a particularly small bust, bandeau tops won’t do you any favors. Plus, you’ll find yourself constantly pulling it up and adjusting it all day long.


Remember the same advice on colors and patterns that we previously discussed: if you want to tone your hips down, deemphasize through smart design. Or, do the opposite to draw attention here. You can balance a pear shape with layers, texture, and interest up top. High cuts are also a great way to emphasize your hourglass shape.


Many of us are tummy-shy. Shirred panels are a surprisingly great way to look good even if you don’t feel great about this area. Draw the eyes up to your bust and face, and choose darker single colors below if you really want to keep your eyes off your midsection. Some tummy-shy people love high-waisted bikini bottoms. ‘Wrap’ illusions also look great on single-piece suits.

Want to create the illusion of a fuller figure? Look for strategically placed cutouts and embrace bright prints. Or, look for a one-piece with a belt that can help show off your figure.

plus size swimsuit
credit: AllGo

We also strongly suggest you look into color-typing yourself (here are some tips for darker skin tones, too), so you know what spectrum of colors will really make you pop.

Your dream swimsuit is out there — now it’s time to go find it!