Rose McGowan Previews New Memoir 'Brave' About Reclaiming Her Life

Rose McGowan is constantly inspiring us with her activism and enduring willpower.

After standing up to Harvey Weinstein for raping her, getting booted off Twitter for telling the truth, and now publishing her first memoir, Rose McGowan, and her #RoseArmy, are only getting stronger by the moment.

Rose recently released the cover art for her memoir and a little bit about what you can expect from the book. A quote from the book reads,

“Hello, fellow human, pleased to meet you. My name is Rose McGowan and I am BRAVE. I want you to be too. My life, as you will read, has taken me from one cult to another, the biggest cult of all: Hollywood. Brave is the story of how I fought my way out of these cults and reclaimed my life. I want to help you do the same.”

Credit: Rose McGowan/Instagram

Rose’s memoir is following through on her promise not to be silent anymore. As she recently said at the Women’s Convention in Detroit,

“I have been silenced for 20 years. I have been slut-shamed. I have been harassed. I have been maligned, and you know what? I’m just like you — because what happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in this society. And that cannot stand, and it will not stand.

We are free. We are strong. We are one massive collective voice. That is what Rose Army is about. It is about all of us being roses in our own life. Not me. The actual flower — because we have thorns, and our thorns carry justice, and our thorns carry consequence. No more will we be shunted to the side. No more will we be hurt. It’s time to be whole. It’s time to rise. It’s time to be brave. In the face of unspeakable actions from one monster, we look away to another, the head monster of all right now. And they are the same, and they must die. It is time. The paradigm must be subverted. It is time. We’ve been waiting a very long time for this happen, but we don’t need to wait anymore because we’ve got this. We’ve got this, I know it.”

Wow. If the book is anything like that speech, it’s sure to be absolutely amazing.

In addition to covering her history of sexual abuse, it will also detail her life growing up in a polygamous cult called Children of God, only to run away as a teen and emancipate herself at 15 years old.

Even before the Harvey Weinstein allegations leaked, Rose has always been a force to be reckoned with and a defender of women. When everyone attacked Renee Zellweger back in the day for her supposed plastic surgery, Rose was there to stand up for her.

We can’t wait to hear what Rose has to say in her book. And may she never be silenced again.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon here:

Lena Finkel
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