'Drag Race All Stars 4': The Most Nerve-Racking Episode Yet Puts All the Queens At Risk

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 returned this week with LaLaPaRUza and damn was it gag-worthy.

In a classic Drag Race twist, the eliminated contestants returned to face off against the current queens. But the real twist? That nearly every current queen (minus Manila and Monét) were up for elimination. *Cue jaw-drop*

The entire episode was a lip-sync battle and hunty, I was sooo here for it. But knowing that some (or all!) of my faves could go home in a single episode? Oh, hell no!

all stars 4
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4

In the end, most of the performances were pretty predictable and really just served as a reminder of why the current top six are just that — the top.

Trinity, Valentina, and Naomi obviously killed it and thank god! Seeing them go home to Jasmine, Farrah, or Gia would have been so wrong.

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The real (and only) drama was saved for the final lip-sync face-off between Monique and Latrice. Both queens seriously turned it out but RuPaul said that Latrice would shantay… and so could Monique. Thank the lord! I’m not ready for my girl Brown Cow to leave.

rupauls drag race latrice
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4

I know Latrice is considered “a legend” but the queen is totally entitled and delusional. Thinking she should stay only because she has the status? Henny, please. Latrice barely made an imprint this season and honestly, this lip-sync was the first time I saw her try all season.

Just because you’ve made a name for yourself doesn’t mean you still don’t have to prove yourself. Having the years under your belt doesn’t mean anything if you can’t perform when you need to.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t last and Latrice has to sashay away next episode.

All Stars 4 airs Fridays on VH1.


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