RuPaul on Speaking Out On Trump and Current LGBTQ Politics: “Don’t Exhaust Yourself”

Although many often look to RuPaul as a major voice in the LGBTQ community, he’s stayed relatively quiet amid the current controversies in the Trump white house.

This absence is not unlike the one he took back in the early 200s during George W. Bush’s presidency. RuPaul said,

“There was a change in the air, politically, and a hostility I could feel. I knew I had to step back. In the George W. Bush years I remember being on talk shows and trying to explain certain things and I could feel this wall going up and I knew, don’t exhaust yourself. Know where to spend your energy. And I had to save my energy so I could be doing what I do now.”

And that’s pretty much how he feels in the current Trump white house: don’t waste your energy.

Besides, he feels that the Trump rhetoric will soon burn out on its own.

“What’s happening now, they’re weakening more and more every day, because it’s just not going to go anywhere. It just can’t.”

Many have hoped that Ru would make the transition from reality TV star to politician but RuPaul insists it’s not for him.

“I understand the drive to want to do that because you can make changes in Congress. But there’s so much mishegoss and red tape and… politicking. It’s just not a fun experience. It would beat you down. It’s not for everybody. It’s not for me. I wouldn’t want to be in a public office. I just feel on television I can reach more people.”

You can currently watch RuPaul on Drag Race All Stars 4.


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