'Drag Race' Kim Chi on How to Be an Ally to Your Queer Black Community

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It’s no secret that racism runs rampant within the LGBTQ+ community.

So much so that trans rights activist Sylvia Rivera, who is notoriously credited with leading the 1969 Stonewall Riots, took the stage at 1973 NYC Pride and called out white men for excluding her and other black and brown trans women from the gay rights movement.

But with the Black Lives Matter movement finally taking center stage, it’s time that the LGBTQ+ community steps up and supports their black friends and family.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Kim Chi discussed the importance of showing up and speaking out as an ally. She told the website,

“Currently many people are fighting for human lives, especially black lives. I am trying to do my part by raising awareness, sharing as much info as I can, helping out charities, and attending peaceful protests, which is all very important right now.”

She added,

“We’re going through a time where our government is actively trying to take away our basic human rights. Fight fascism, fight homophobia, fight transphobia, and remember that black lives matter. We’re in the middle of a historic human rights movement fighting against the oppressive regime. Remember that pride isn’t a time to party and get drunk on the streets but it’s a time to fight for the rights of us and our allies.”

Pride Month may technically be over but, as any queer person knows, pride is all year long. So we must show up for our LGBTQ+ black brothers, sisters, and gender non-conforming friends all year long as well.

So use your platform to spread awareness, have the tough conversations, show up to protests, donate to charities, and do everything you can to support the movement.

To learn more about Black Lives Matter, head to the organization’s website here.

This article was originally published July 2020.


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