'Drag Race': Willow Pill Insists Snatch Game Wasn't Actually *That* Bad IRL

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[Major Spoilers Ahead]

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 was jam-packed with talent.

So when the queens completely bombed Snatch Game, fans were shocked and extremely disappointed. (When the winner of Snatch Game is a queen who did a *very* mediocre impression of Lil Jon, you know things are bad).

But according to season 14 winner Willow Pill, the snatch game wasn’t actually as bad as it seemed on TV.

In an interview with Vulture, Willow said that the producers edited the show to make it look worse than it actually was. She explained,

“[The edit] absolutely did us dirty. There were definitely more laughs.”

She continued,

“They have to tell the story, I understand. And was it a great Snatch Game by any means? Absolutely not. But in real life, it was definitely more salvageable than they made it seem. But I get it. They want to sell whatever they’re trying to sell. In that episode, it was that we all bombed Snatch Game.”

That said, she’s the first to admit that her particular performance of Drew Barrymore wasn’t top-notch. She said,

“I would say mine was fairly accurate. I maybe was a little bit funnier in real life. And certainly, Angie and Camden were definitely funnier than they made it seem.”

She added that she and Lady Camden were absolutely cracking up at Angeria Paris VanMichael’s impersonation of Tammie Brown.

Snatch Game aside, the season was overall pretty good (although *way* too long). And the ending was certainly a satisfying one.

Willow may have failed Snatch Game but she absolutely won our hearts and more than deserved to take home the crown. All hail Queen Willow!

You can follow Willow Pill’s reign on her Instagram account here.


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