Please let this happen.

Donald Glover if you’re reading, Ryan Gosling would very much like to appear on your Golden Globe-winning show, Atlanta. (Although, wouldn’t we all?!)

The La La Land actor was recently asked by Metro U.K. which show he would like to guest star on if he could and he said hands-down Atlanta. He added, however, he wasn’t sure “if there’s a place for me on the show.”

Atlanta has very few guest stars so I’m not sure the chances of this actually happening. Not to mention there are also very few white characters (most of which are portrayed as ignorant).

A more likely guest star? Sterling K. Brown. The This is Us star just so happens to be long-time besties with Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry (aka Paper Boi).

Atlanta finally returns tonight (March 1) and although the public hasn’t gotten their hands on many spoilers yet, the critics are already going wild.

Donald Glover recently admitted that he was nervous for the premiere because he feels so “vulnerable,” but we have a feeling it will be amazing. Here’s to more Earn and Paper Boi in the coming years!


Donald Glover Has Big Plans for ‘Atlanta’ Season 2

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