Samantha Bee Says It’s Getting Harder to Continue Laughing in the Time of Trump

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source: Facebook

Since Trump was elected to office, Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal viewership has a skyrocketed and she’s been one of the few late night hosts who can still get us to laugh at politics these days. But it’s getting hard, even for Bee.

Speaking with Vogue, she admitted,

“I think people should maintain their outrage—I’m going to stay hysterical. It’s hard to do, though. And it’s going to be really hard to do when the weather gets warm.”

Bee was one of the few who predicted that Trump would win, and she’s certainly profited from his antics (the show is up 98% among adults under 50), but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like a break from this nonsense like the rest of us.

“The ground is shifting beneath our feet all the time. I crave predictability right now. It’s really sad when you wake up and go, ‘Can’t it just be boring day?’”

And covering the current administration has come with a particular set of difficulties, and she and her team struggle every day on how to present the issues.

“We put a lot of thought into getting it just right, not being too preachy. You can’t make people do things. I mean, look: Ultimately, we are a comedy show. I’m probably not going to save the world.” 

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee launched only last year, making Bee the first female late night host. She’s pretty much won our hearts ever since with her analytics of Trump’s presidency and Ivanka’s role in the white house.

Prior to Full Frontal, Bee was a correspondent on The Daily Show, where they clearly didn’t appreciate her. I mean picking Noah Trevor over Samantha Bee? That’s a joke, right? Bee’s show now enjoys 3.9 million viewers per episode and we have a feeling it’s only going to go up from here.

In addition to Full Frontal, Bee is currently preparing for her “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” which she’ll host the same night as the actual dinner, on April 29.

Lena Finkel
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