A whole lot of chiffon and a little bit of embroidery and you have the beginnings of Alexis Rose’s wardrobe. Because if it’s one thing we know about Schitt’s Creek‘s Alexis, it’s that she would never let a small town squash her big sense of style.

Although Alexis’ style has evolved over the last six years, the essence of Alexis has never wavered. The girl basically looks like she popped out of a Free People advertisement half the time.

So in preparation for summer, we’ve rounded up some of Alexis’ best summer dresses and where you can find affordable comps.

1. Metallic Baby

schitts creek alexis rose style

Only the iconic Alexis Rose would dare to wear an Alexander McQueen silk and chiffon dress to an escape room.

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2. An Eye For An Eyelet

schitts creek alexis rose outfits

Ah, the perfect outfit for a mother-daughter lunch at the Café Tropical!

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3. Floral For Days

schitts creek alexis style

It wouldn’t be Alexis’ closet if there weren’t a floral chiffon dress (or two).

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4. Let it Be Denim

schitts creek alexis outfits

An embroidered denim dress? Um, yes, please!

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5. Back to School

schitts creek style

Going back to high school never looked to good.

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6. Bring on the Embroidery

schitts creek alexis rose fashion

Who knew the great Alexis Rose shopped at Zara?!

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7. More Chiffon, Please!

alexis rose fashion ideas

A high-neck floral chiffon is so in for spring.

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8. Straight Out of Coachella

alexis rose style fashion outfits

Because nothing screams “music festival” quite like a flowy white tunic dress.

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9. Connect the Dots

schitts creek alexis rose outfit inspiration

We’re throwing it back to classic Alexis with this season 2 look.

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10. Make it Sustainable

schitts creek season 6 alexis rose style

Season 6 Alexis is all grown up and ready to help the environment with this sustainable dress from Reformation.

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11. And Just One More Floral

schitts creek alexis rose outfits style

This dress is *peak* Alexis Rose — and the perfect dress to conclude our list!

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