'Schitt's Creek' Annie Murphy Proudly Discusses Alexis' Growth as an Independent Woman

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Spoilers Ahead (You’ve Been Warned)

Aside from the hilarity of every Schitt’s Creek episode, the most lovable thing about the series is watching each member of the Rose family grow and change over the course of each season.

The show is currently airing its sixth and final season and slowly tying off loose ends. There are still several episodes left but the most recent one put an even bigger question mark on the fate of Ted and Alexis’ relationship.

After the episode aired, Annie Murphy, who plays Alexis, told EW,

“[Alexis has] found her calling, and she’s doing a great job at work for the first time as an independent working woman.”

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Annie Murphy in ‘Schitt’s Creek’

It’s because of that calling that Alexis decides to stay in Schitt’s Creek instead of joining Ted in the Galapagos where he’s working. She’s currently riding on the accidental success of Moira’s premiere and has a real chance to turn her hustle into a full-fledged career.

Alexis has come a long way since the beginning of the show, and part of that is because of her relationship with Ted, which makes the question mark sting all the more.

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Annie Murphy and Dustin Milligan in Schitt’s Creek

Ted completely supports Alexis’ decision to stay in Schitt’s Creek, mostly because of her career but partially because as much as he’d love to be with her, he knew she wouldn’t enjoy coming to the Galapagos where red ants have invaded his room.

Dustin Milligan, who plays Ted, explained,

“That’s what makes this entire relationship on this show so beautiful. We are fighting for love between two people who shouldn’t fit together. Seemingly, they are like oil and water, but there is this attraction… both of them have this inherent sweetness.”

Alexis’ growth is her own but Ted has definitely helped her become this person. He’s more than a Manic Pixie Dream Boy though because, while he supports Alexis, he doesn’t let their relationship stop him from also pursuing his own dreams and passions. Their partnership is so admirable because they are two people who are wonderful together and apart.

If the writers decide to end the relationship between Ted and Alexis (and break everyone’s hearts), it won’t be because someone was unfaithful, one thinks they’re too good for the other, or some other dramatic reason. It’ll be because two people love each other so much that they don’t want to hold the other back from their potential. And, if there is anything Alexis Rose deserves, it’s the unconditional love of someone who believes in her that much.


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