'Schitt's Creek' Has the Most Sexual Fluidity on TV

If you haven’t discovered Schitt’s Creek yet, you are seriously missing out.

The Canadian TV show, which is currently available on Netflix, is not only hilarious but also extremely progressive.

The show follows the Rose family as they go from a life of privilege to being completely penniless. It’s like Arrested Development meets Green Acres. And although the show is set in a small town, which is stereotypically thought of as close-minded, the folks of the town are particularly sexually open without a thought or hesitation.

There’s the main character David Rose, of course, who self-describes as pansexual and has had a series of relationships with men, women, transgendered women and men, and everyone in between. Then there’s his new bestie Stevie, who has only been with men sexually but was apparently “quite popular with the ladies” in high school. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Jake — who dates both David and Stevie at the same time, and even suggests that the three of them form a throuple.

But perhaps one of my favorite characters of all is Patrick, who was recently introduced in season 3. He’s David’s business partner at Rose Apothecary and a completely buttoned-up, straight-laced, crew-cut, wholesome fella. And although he’s never had a relationship with a man before, he’s fallen head over heels for David. The two share the sweetest first kiss and Patrick admits that he’s so relieved that David made the first move. He desperately wanted to kiss him but was just too nervous because it was his first time with a man.

The two are now an adorable couple and not once did Patrick question his manhood or sexuality. He was open to a relationship with David, regardless of his gender.

schitts creek david pansexual
Credit: Schitt’s Creek/ Instagram

There is, of course, one thing missing from all these wonderfully sexually open town: not one character is a person of color. Not a single one.

I realize this is supposed to be a small town, and realistically, there are probably not many POC (in Schitt’s Creek there are only two, both of which are side characters). But it is still a TV show. And if they wanted to bring in a lead of color, they easily could do so. I would totally be down for a badass Latina to roll into Schitt’s Creek and sweep Stevie off her feet. My first choice? OITNB‘s Diane Guerrero.

I’m so grateful that so many TV shows like Schitt’s CreekJane the Virgin, and Riverdale have opened their minds to include non-heterosexual couples. But as we all know, it’s not feminism if it’s not intersectional.


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