'Schitt's Creek': Moira Rose's 10 Most Fabulous Outfits — And How to Recreate Them

moira rose outfits
credit: Pop TV

Let’s be real: Moira Rose has the most fabulous wardrobe on television.

The Schitt’s Creek has legendary outfits full of feathers, sequins, and so so many crystal necklaces.

So in honor of our favorite fruit wine spokeswoman, let’s take a look back at her all-time best outfits.

1. That Sequin Feather Gown

schitts creek moira rose outfits

2. This Silver Sequin Fringe Skirt

schitts creek moira rose style

3. Her Strapless Leather Maxi Dress

moira rose outfits aesthetic

4. This Very ‘Cabaret’ Ensemble

schitts creek moira rose

5. This Epic Fur Hat

schitts creek moira rose style

6. Her Glitter Moto Jacket

schitts creek moira rose actress

7. This Striped Maxi Dress With a Pearl Bib Necklace

schitts creek catherine ohara

8. A Plaid Suit With an Oversized Scarf Wrapped in a Bow

schitts creek moira rose style fashion

9. Her Bird Suit

moira rose aesthetic outfits

10. Her Sequin Furry Midi Dress

moira rose outfits dresses


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