'Schitt's Creek': Dan Levy Talks David and Patrick's Love Story

Schitt’s Creek‘s David and Patrick officially have the cutest relationship on television.

The couple first met back in season 3 when the two became business partners in Rose Apothecary. But of course, they’ve become so much more.

Perhaps one of the best parts of watching David and Patrick together is just how intimate they are together. Unlike other shows that rarely show gay couples embracing (ahem, Modern Family), Schitt’s Creek has never shied away from more romantic elements of their relationships.

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Actor/Creator Dan Levy recently chatted with Out magazine and said,

“Writers’ rooms and television studios paint gay love stories with a different brush than they do straight love stories. There’s more caution as to how intimate you can be. It was my intention with this relationship to never once question whether we were taking it too far.”

schitts creek david and patrick
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The turning point, of course, was when Patrick serenaded David at open mic night, which Dan Levy said made fellow actress Catherine O’Hara “cry uncontrollably.”

It’s these kinds of moments that have hugely impacting audiences. According to Dan, numerous queer people have approached him, thanking him for how the scene has helped their families understand their lives a bit more.

“The most vulnerable place you can be is in front of your television screen. To change conversations in people’s households about the beauty of gay love is an unbelievable thing to behold.”

schitts creek season 5
Photo: Schitt’s Creek / Pop TV

It’s actually a sentiment that was reiterated by Dan’s co-creator (and dad) Eugene Levy. Eugene recently said,

“The letters we’ve been receiving are from people who realized their beliefs were biased or homophobic or bigoted, and we created a space where love and acceptance is paramount.”

Hopefully, Schitt’s Creek‘s success will teach other mainstream shows that it’s ok to portray an intimate relationship between two LGBTQ people. Because if it’s proved anything, it’s that TV can truly make a difference.

You can currently watch Schitt’s Creek season 5 on Pop TV.


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Photo: Schitt’s Creek/ Pop TV

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