If there’s one thing that David Rose of Schitt’s Creek has become known for, it’s his epic sweater collection.

So, in anticipation of sweater weather, we picked out 12 of David’s best outfits that we’re officially claiming for ourselves.

Can’t afford David’s extravagant wardrobe? No worries — we found some affordable alternatives as well. Check out where to find David Rose’s sweaters for sale below (as well as some affordable look-alikes).

1. Show Your Pride

david rose love sweater

We’re totally digging this ‘Love’ sweater from Valentino. What can we say, we like to wear our heart on our sleeve!

2. Polka Dots For Days

david rose sweaters

This mohair dot sweater from Random Identities is ridiculously extravagant. We *might* have to tone it down a bit for our closets.

3. Eye See You

david rose outfits icon sweater

We’ve got our eye(s) on you.

4. Icon

david rose outfits icon sweater

It’s true: David Rose is a total icon.

5. Zebra Print

where to buy david rose sweaters

David loves a good animal print. And who can blame him?

6. Oversized Hoodie

david rose sweaters

This hoodie looks so ridiculously comfortable. We must have it!

7. Snow Leopard

where to buy david rose sweaters

This Saint Laurent snow leopard-print sweater is so David.

8. Stripes on Stripes

david rose sweaters

This may be one of David’s simpler sweaters but that doesn’t mean it’s any less glamorous. It’s all about that attitude, darling!

9. A Little Camo

david rose sweaters for sale

Who would have thought that David Rose would be into camo? Guess that turkey hunt brought out another side of him!

10. Love is Love

david rose love sweater

Yet another heart sweater! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

11.Comme Des Garcons

david rose sweaters

We couldn’t not include this iconic sweater from Comme Des Garcons!

12. Fair Isle Dreams

where to buy david rose sweaters

We’re loving this take on the classic fair isle sweater.


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