Scott Disick, Resident Pervert, Can't Stop Dating Teenage Girls

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37-year-old Scott Disick can’t seem to keep his hands off of teenage girls.

Scott, aka Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby daddy, was recently spotted with Lisa Rinna’s 19-year-old daughter Amelia Hamlin at Tre Luna restaurant in Montecito, marking the pair’s second date.

Amelia is 18 years younger than Scott and is actually closer in age to his 10-year-old son Mason than she is to him. She’s technically young enough to be his daughter.

This is most certainly not the first time Scott has dated young girls. Scott most recently dated Sofia Richie, who was also only 19 years old when they met (he was 34 at the time).

After ending things with Sofia, Scott went on to briefly hang out with 24-year-old model Bella Banos before moving on to Amelia.

Technically, all of these girls are “of age” and none of this is illegal. But the idea that turning 18 makes one “an adult” is certainly not based on anything scientific.

In fact, research says that your brain doesn’t fully mature until you’re around 25 years old or so. In a 2011 interview with NPR, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt explained,

“The changes that happen between 18 and 25 are a continuation of the process that starts around puberty, and 18-year-olds are about halfway through that process. Their prefrontal cortex is not yet fully developed. That’s the part of the brain that helps you to inhibit impulses and to plan and organize your behavior to reach a goal.”

It’s not until 25 years old that you start recognizing peer pressure, controlling your impulses, and fully understanding rewards.

So, while Scott Disick may not be doing anything illegal, he’s definitely taking advantage of girls who aren’t fully developed. In other words, he’s a predator.

Of course, Scott is certainly not the only one in Hollywood to date young girls. Leonardo DiCaprio notoriously only dates girls under the age of 25. But that doesn’t make it right.

It’s time to tell Scott his behavior is not ok.


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