Will they or won’t they? If it were up to Scott Disick, they totally would.

In a recent clip of the show, Disick revealed that he’s still totally into Kourtney. He told Khloe,

“I’m still like turned on by her.”

Not only that, but after all this time apart, he’s still not even ready to date!

“I mean, technically I could I guess, but I don’t feel comfortable.”

But Disick isn’t ready to move on, and he admitted that he might not ever be ready to move on.

“I feel like I will never be over her. She’s the love of my life, but I just try to do everything to be there for her, but there’s literally no appreciation for anything ever.”

He added,

“I just hope that one day she understands that I would never want to be with anybody but her.”

As for Kourtney, she previously said she hasn’t officially given up hope on the two, saying that she felt her relationship was in “god’s hands” at this point.

The two have three kids together Mason, Penelope, and Reign so either way, they’ll always be in each other’s lives. Here’s to hoping these two can finally work it out!


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