6 Things to Know About SCOTUS Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Trump’s SCOTUS reality show has finally come to an end with the nomination of conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

As you’re probably well aware, the Supreme Court has a huge impact on our rights. Brown v. Board, Roe v. Wade, Plessy v. Ferguson are all landmark cases that resulted in huge wins for equal and civil rights. But those rights can easily be taken away with just one case, with just one vote.

And after Justice Kennedy retired, who was often the swing vote, bringing on an uber-conservative judge like Kavanaugh could have huge repercussions for decades to come.

Not only that, but the GOP previously stole a SCOTUS seat from President Obama. Despite a seat opening up during Obama’s presidency, the Senate, and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell in particular held up the vote until Trump was elected.

So now Trump has had the opportunity to elect two SCOTUS judges. So if you haven’t been paying attention to the Supreme Court, now is the time to do so.

Below are a few things you should know about Kavanaugh.

1. He Helped Get President Bill Clinton Impeached

Back in the 90s, Kavanaugh worked as a lawyer for the now infamous Ken Starr, who led in the charge in getting Clinton impeached. Not cool, dude.

2. He Hates Everything You Love

Abortion rights, gun control, net neutrality, environmental regulations — all things he’s voted against in the past. And although he calls himself an independent-thinking judge, voting records are usually indicative of a judge’s views.

3. He’s Not a Shoe-In

Back in the day, there was no dispute when it came to confirming Supreme Court justices. Not anymore!

Kavanaugh needs a majority — 51 votes — to get confirmed. There are 51 Republicans in the Senate but not all votes are guaranteed. According to TIME, there are currently 7 Senators whose votes are up for grabs, including two Democrats.

4. He’s No Radical

Although he’s clearly conservative, he’s not nearly as radical as the tea party. Sen. Rand Paul has already expressed concerns over the prospective Justice, but has promised to keep an “open mind.”

5. He Has No Plans to Act on Climate Change

Although Kavanagh is not a climate change denier, he’s clearly stated that the court has no place in environmental law. In 2016, he claimed it was a matter for Congress to sort it out amongst themselves.

6. The GOP Likes Him. But Nobody Loves Him

Out of everyone Trump could have possibly picked, Kavanaugh is a pretty safe choice. He’s an established judge with a solid track record. But that doesn’t mean anyone is pleased.

A former White House official told BuzzFeed News,

“Most people in the Trump orbit are content with the move — nobody is particularly thrilled but they understand that Kavanaugh is likely the most confirmable candidate.”


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