The internet pretty much goes bananas anytime Selena Gomez steps out in something that us normal people can actually afford.

And it totally makes sense. This is the same girl, after all, who once carried a $3,830 Louis Vuitton bag to the gym. (Hey, no judgment — the girl works hard!)

But lucky for us, Selena isn’t a label snob and will happily rock items from American Eagle, Zara, Hot Topic, and more.

So to celebrate Selena’s iconic style, we rounded up our favorite items — most of which are under $50.

1. American Eagle Sherpa Jacket

selena gomez afforadable outfits

Selena recently rocked this super comfy sherpa jacket from American Eagle (sherpa is super in this season!). Unfortunately, the exact jacket is no longer sold on the site, but luckily, there are tons of sherpa jackets just like it. Check them out below.

2. Zara Wrinkle Dress

Selena wore this Zara dress for her 27th birthday. You can get it here, which is currently on sale for $13 (originally $49.99).

If Zara is out of your size, check out some of these lookalike dresses below.

3. Adidas Slides

seelna gomez affordable clothes

Selena rocked these classic Adidas slides back in 2016 in Miami. You can get them the exact pair below for $35. We’ve also included some other cute Adidas slides if you want to mix it up.

4. Hot Topic Alice in Wonderland Bag

selena gomez affordable style

Selena spent the day in Disneyland with this adorable Alice in Wonderland bag and it’s only $42.90!

If you’re looking for more Disney-inspired bags, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the bags and clutches below, all for under $50.

5. American Apparel Catsuit

selena gomez affordable clothing

Selena wore this $38 spandex halter jumpsuit while doing a fan meet-and-greet on her Revival tour.

You can get the exact unitard (on sale!) as well as some similar bodysuits from other brands below.

6. SG x Puma Collaboration

selena gomez puma collection

Selena has come out with *a ton* of chic collections with Puma over the last few years. And lucky for us, most of the clothing is actually pretty affordable (especially on sale!)

Below are some of our favorite pieces for under $50.

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