Can We Just Let Selena Gomez Live?

Real talk: can we just let Selena Gomez live?

This sentiment applies to most celebrities in the limelight as well, but recent hate against Sel has me particularly fired up.

Selena performed her newest hit ‘Wolves’ at the AMA’s last night, her first live performance since announcing she had a kidney transplant.

The performance was visually creative, the song is a hit, and Selena rocked the hell out of her new blonde lob. But all people can seem to talk about is how she may or may not have been lip syncing.

May I gently remind everyone again that she recently had a kidney transplant?


So yeah, I’m gonna cut her some slack. We know she is talented. You’ve seen her sing, act, and dance before. So if she wants to lip sync for her first live performance since a major medical procedure, maybe we can let it slide?

And even if she hadn’t been dealing with personal and medical issues, does it really matter that much if she was lip syncing?

Incidents like these indicate that we are all way too critical of each other. And many seem to think that just because someone is famous, it’s okay for us to be ruthlessly harsh towards them.

I am a big fan of award shows and other performance-based live shows. But the morning after, I always feel a sense of disappointment as articles surface that only serve to rip people up, whether it’s because of their performance, their outfit choice, their reaction to something, etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some things should be analyzed and critiqued. But we don’t have to tear people apart for every tiny thing that happens.

There are so many things to be mad about in our society. Let’s save our energy for those issues.

We need love, unity, and support, now more than ever. So maybe before we jump down someone’s throat and critique something petty (whether they are a celeb or not), we need to question the purpose of the comment. We can all stand to relax a bit more, myself included.

Let’s have some compassion for one another. And let Selena live her life.

Allie Bush
Allie Bush is a Contributing Writer at Femestella. She is interested in creating and sharing entertaining and engaging content, in whatever form it may take. She is a proud TV junkie and in her spare time can be found watching late night talk shows, talking about Chrissy Teigen or Amy Poehler, or eating off of other people's plates.