Selena Gomez ‘Bad Liar’ Music Video: Costumes Came from Forever21 and Target!

selena gomez bad liar
source: Instagram

Loved Selena Gomez’s Bad Liar music video? Us too! The ‘70s-inspired look was inspired by Dazed and Confused and turns out, you can totally afford some of the items!

To put together Selena’s costumes, she hired the original Dazed and Confused costumer Kari Perkins. Many of the items were pure vintage but a few were brand new. Perkins said,

“Well, those tank tops, before we ironed on the ‘WOLVES’ — they were actually from Forever21. And the track jacket Selena wears as the PE teacher, we found that at Target.”

Gomez loved the costumes that she actually went vintage shopping as soon as the filming finished.

“I know that she really loved the experience, too, and felt really inspired by it.”

Now Gomez is offering a few of her own vintage-inspired pieces on her merch shop, which are currently available for pre-order. Available for purchase are the “Wolves” tank top, gym shorts, tube socks, and t-shirts.

At the end of the interview, Kari added that Selena was super fun to work with and totally professional.

Gomez is currently preparing for the release of her next single Fetish, which she teased at the end of the Bad Liar music video.

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