'Selling the OC': Jarvis and Rose Are Feeling Vindicated

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There’s nothing quite like getting vindicated on an internationally-streamed reality TV show. Just ask Selling the OC stars Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose.

After an entire season of being accused of being “bullies” without a lick of proof, Jarvis and Rose are pleased to see that the audience can tell who the *actual* bully on the show is: Alex Hall (yes, there’s a third Alexandra on the show).

Speaking with ET, Jarvis said,

“I have been surprised at how discerning people are and how they are watching behaviors and, really, they’re really put off by the bullying, which is so pleasant to see, ’cause you know we weren’t sure.”

She added,

“I think people seeing right through some of the B.S. and them seeing that [Alex Hall] is actually the villain, like that’s just how she is. She’s a bully.”

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Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

From pretty much the start of the show, Alex and her friends are convinced that Jarvis and Rose are bullies and take aim at them anytime they walk into the room. But with Jarvis and Rose usually taking the high road, the only one who comes across looking like a bully is Alex herself.

Rose explained,

“As you see in the show, everybody goes along with what she said, with what she did, follows her around, but she does it in such a bad way and it’s made her look like a terrible person.”

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As for Alex Hall, she’s still convinced she’s in the right — even after watching the series. In a separate interview with ET, Alex Hall claimed the reason she was so mean to Jarvis and Rose is because they weren’t supposed to be part of the cast. She said,

“They’re very opportunistic. Jarvis and Rose weren’t even original cast on the show. And so a lot of me saying, ‘Why are you here?’ is not to be rude.”

She continued,

“It’s, ‘We’re filming. Why are you here?’ Because production has … reassured us, ‘They’re not cast. Don’t worry…’ And so I’m like, ‘Why are you here?’ All you’re doing is trying to start drama.”

Of course, that doesn’t really explain why she attacked them every time they entered the room or why she called them “bullies” in the first place. The whole thing is just… bizarre.

Alex Hall also took the opportunity to accuse Jarvis and Rose of stealing listings (which they vehemently deny).

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Perhaps the strangest part of the whole story is that Alex Hall had the chance to watch the series in advance of the Netflix premiere and never thought twice about how she came off.

“It’s interesting because we were able to watch the show a couple of weeks ago. There was never a debate on whether or not I’m the villain, or they’re the villain.”

In fact, Alex insists that there wasn’t anything wrong with her behavior and that the only real issue is that viewers don’t understand the backstory, which she says justifies her actions.

“[Viewers are] just seeing it for the first time and they don’t know any of the behind the scenes like we did, or we do, I’m really just… it’s shocking. It’s honestly just shocking.”

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Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

As for Jarvis and Rose, they think that Alex Hall’s depiction on the show is pretty accurate. Rose said,

“The fact that she treated us with such disrespect goes to show her true character and shows how much of a bully she is.”

Going forward, the pair is just hoping the audience will continue to see their professionalism and talents as real estate agents. Jarvis said,

“I think Rose and I just want to continue focusing on our work, our real estate, that’s our priority.”

Selling the OC is the latest addition to the Selling franchise, which first launched with Selling Sunset in 2019. The show now has six seasons under its belt and has already been renewed for season 7. The show’s first spinoff, Selling Tampa, dropped its first season in 2021 and has yet to be renewed for season 2.

You can currently watch Selling the OC, Selling Sunset, and Selling Tampa on Netflix.


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