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source: YouTube

Seth Meyers and his writers don’t stand idly by when it comes to the current political climate and controversial issues.

In fact, the show has been on the forefront of talking about modern day issues. Especially considering the show airs on a major network. With segments like “A Closer Look” and “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell”, the show goes beyond just poking fun at current pressing issues.

So it’s not surprising that the show had something to say about the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad.

On his show, Meyers explained that Pepsi has since pulled the ad, and released a new ad with an alternate ending.

This “new ad” features Amber Ruffin, one of Seth’s writers, in place of Kendall. Watch to see how the ad unfolds.

Although Pepsi officially pulled the ad and apologized for their misstep, Jenner has yet to respond to the controversy. Her mother/manager Kris Jenner, however, posted on Instagram about how proud she was of the model.

Since the ad aired, Pepsi has been a trending topic on twitter with the hashtags #PepsiFail and #PepsiKendall making their rounds.


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