With the Sex And the City reboot And Just Like That… finally upon us, we can’t help but look back at the original that started it all.

While not all of SATC has aged well (ahem, lack of diversity), Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits have remained iconic. Her closet is full of classic pieces, including a number of incredible winter coats that make us green with envy.

While Carrie was always taking chances with her outfits — hello, the naked dress! — she mostly stuck with classic, timeless coats like tie-belt wool peacoats and faux fur maxi coats (ok, so they were probably real fur, but wearing real fur in 2021 is just *so* gauche).

Below, we relive some of Carrie Bradshaw’s best winter outfits, as worn by the incomparable Sarah Jessica Parker. We even found a few dupes so you can recreate the looks for yourself!

1. A Maxi Faux Fur Coat

carrie bradshaw outfits

A long faux fur coat instantly upgrades any outfit.

2. A Fit-And-Flare Wool Coat

carrie bradshaw winter outfits

Give a classic coat a twist with a bit of flair (pun intended) with your black wool coat.

3. A Corduroy Blazer

carrie bradshaw style

Much to my dismay, corduroy is officially back. Take a cue from Carrie and opt for a brown cord blazer.

4. A Sequin Wool Coat

carrie bradshaw winter coats

Paris demands a hint of sparkle! Grab an embellished black wool coat for your travels abroad to truly make a statement.

5. A Blue Wool Coat

satc carrie outfits

Nothing says winter blues like a light blue wool coat with a tie-belt. If you’re ever walking the streets of Paris alone, this coat should definitely be your go-to.

6. A Short Faux Fur Coat

satc carrie winter outfits

What’s better than one faux fur coat? Two! Opt for a shorter length to go for a more casual, everyday look without giving up any of the glamour.

7. A Black Wool Cape

satc carrie style

A wool cape is the perfect layering piece for when climate change messes with the weather forecast.

8. A Cream Wool Coat

where to get carrie bradshaws outfits

Winter whites will always be in style! Add a white coat to your collection for a classic yet eye-catching outfit.

9. A Faux-Fur-Lined Coat

how to get carrie bradshaws style

Yes, another faux fur coat! But this one is wool and only lined with faux fur so it’s *totally* different, okay?

10. A Grey Cape

how to recreate carrie bradshaws outfits

Mix it up with a grey wool cape to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights.

11. A Ruffled Coat

how to get carrie bradshaws outfits

Add a feminine touch to your wool coat with a dainty ruffle lining perfect for date night.

12. A Plaid Jacket

how to get carrie bradshaws outfits

Perfect for those warmer winter days, grab a lightweight plaid jacket when out and about with friends.

13. A Red Wool Coat

carrie bradshaw best outfits

If you’re looking for a bolder look, opt for red over black when picking your maxi coat.

14. A Faux Suede Coat with a Faux Fur Lining

sex and the city carrie bradshaw outfits

Now this is a statement-making coat! You’ll make heads turn in a faux suede coat with a faux fur lining. Opt for a printed version to really channel your inner Carrie.

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