Why I'm Currently LIVING For This Study That Says Most Men Are Truly Sexists At Heart

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Can you say “vindication”?

As reported by Fatherly, a new study conducted in Australia has determined that most men still hold sexist views. Specifically, the men in the survey believed: women are naturally better caregivers and women have unfair advantages in the workplace (um, what?).

Now, don’t get it twisted. Obviously, as a feminist, I’m never happy when sexist viewpoints prevail. But there is sort of, well, a justification that comes when you see your opinions portrayed as data. Justification that what we’re doing here at Femestella is needed and important. Justification that my gut is correct.

Of course, I don’t need a study to tell me that men — even progressive men — still maintain ingrained sexist views. I know what I’ve experienced my whole life. I know what my friends deal with on a day-to-day basis. And I know the countless stories women tell of their own horrific experiences.

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And yet there’s still an increasing trend of white, privileged men (yes, I know I’m generalizing here) who are playing the victim. They claim that they are constantly attacked by women and are living in fear that they will be falsely accused of sexual assault. (I mean, have you seen The Clique season 2?! Oh gawd).

And worst of all, they’ve become increasingly vocal. Nearly every day, Femestella receives hateful comments on Instagram. The worst was when one man told me that I deserved to die because my feminist viewpoints were the reason that men commit suicide.

But the problem is that this study, conducted by the 2030 Foundation, isn’t just referring to these blatant misogynists. They’re talking about everyday Joes.

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There’s no way a single study can fully capture the complex views that people hold on gender equality. Just because a man might believe that women get unfair advantages in the workplace doesn’t mean they don’t also support women climbing the corporate ladder.

It’s these ingrained views of sexism that make it so damn hard to squash.

And that’s why, every once in a while, we need a little data to back us up. They may try to claim that sexual assault victims are lying (hint: they’re not). But there’s no disputing this: data doesn’t lie.

We’re going to keep working here at Femestella to take down the patriarchy and change societal views of women. Because ladies, this is only the start. Now let’s do this, bitch.


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